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Compare Two Designers Essay

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Graphic design is an area that has grown and is still advancing to greater heights. Diverse aspects and skills have been developed in the industry over the years which have facilitated designer specialization in various fields in graphic design, such fields like brand identity. With so many brand designers out there in the design world, there tend to be quite a focus put on those whose works leave a long lasting impression in the public’s mind. Ken Cato and Jacob Cass are amongst one of the recognised designers in the industry. Both specialising in corporate brand management and known for their unique approaches, this forms the basis of comparison for the report.

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His distinctive work includes Australian trademarks such as the Commonwealth Bank, Seven Television Network and the SBS Television Network. Cato appreciates connections, such can be seen in (Figure 1) the yellow and black logo that he designed for the Commonwealth Bank. Here he references the five stars of the Southern Cross (Figure 2). The development of the trademark’s single, extended character, double M typeface is also surprising. “It simply came down to having very uncomfortable words placed together” says Cato. “It was a very long word followed up by a descriptor word like ‘bank’ and I needed to make the word ‘Commonwealth’ as short as I could.” Although Cato’s design for the logo attracted more than its fair share of initial criticism, it still assisted in the success of his career as the Commonwealth logo remains an icon in today’s society.

Figure 1 Figure 2

Another example of Cato’s approach is seen in his design for the SBS Television Network logo (Figure 3). The pointed ellipses of the SBS trademark are a literal translation of opening up the globe. Cato introduced a clean, strong global message that provided a platform for creating an evolving identity.

Figure 3

Besides Cato, Jacob Cass the founder of the blog ‘Just Creative’, dedicated to all things digital graphic, has also made a name for himself in the design industry. An excellent graphic designer, whose design approach provides his work with a modern feel. Cass’ works catches the eye of many people due to the fact that he uses many bright colours, with a simple background colour. He nabbed his first freelance job at the age of sixteen, Cass enjoys logo design and branding more than the other fields he specialises in however he likes being versatile so he’d rather have more knowledge in each field. “I still don’t know what direction I want to head in completely so I want to learn as much as I can which in the end makes me more employable and it also gives me variety in my work. Not satisfied with one successful blog, Jacob launched Logo Designer Blog and Logo of the Day to further preach his passion. His design process flow starts off with the brief. After going through what he has been asked to do, he then proceeds to find general and visual research in order to get a better understanding of it. This is followed by rough sketches and conceptualising, then reflection, positioning and presentation of the final work. Jacob’s design approach often changes according to all his projects however, his main approach...

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