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Compare The Works Of Robert Frost And Edwin Arlington Robinson

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Survey of American Literature IIIn comparing the works of Robert Frost and Edwin Arlington Robinson the reader cannot overlook the contrast in character development and the ideas exhibited by the authors with respect to the plight of the character. How the characters fail or succeed in dealing with situations, unpleasant circumstances or the issues of life is the foundation that separates them as authors.In Robinson's poetry the protagonist is described by the narrator as having reached a level of contentment with his unfortunate yet real circumstances. In "The Tree in Pamela's Garden" the theme of isolation is demonstrated through Pamela's submission to her neighbor's notion that she never ...view middle of the document...

In describing Aunt Imogen he writes "The mystical fulfillment of a life that might have once... But that was all gone by" (945).Robert Frost's approach in writing is more inclined to offer choices for his characters and not confine them to their plight as is seen in Robinson's works. Frost's "On Mending Wall" challenges the reader to ask whether separation in the form of a fence or a wall is important to the building and maintenance of relationships. When considering fences he writes, "Why do they make good neighbors?" (1061). Frost also finds his neighbor to be isolated in his way of thinking and proposes that he let his mind step out of the confinement that the wall proposes and perhaps see the wall more as a symbol and not so much as a living breathing artifact. "Spring is the mischief in me, and I wonder If I could put a notion in his head" (Frost 1061). Isolation of thought favors the man on the other side of the wall regardless of anything the narrator may say to persuade him. Frost writes " I could say elves to him" (1061). The narrator offers choices to his neighbor and can say no more. As the poem ends his neighbor reiterates his position and states once more "good fences make good neighbors" (Frost 1061).Similarly in "The Road Not Taken" Frost concentrates on the individual and his choice to alter his future by defining which path he will take. Despite both roads being similar he writes " And both that morning equally lay" (Frost 1061). The narrator is determined to express which road must be taken. When he declares "Oh I kept the first for another day!" the narrator's sigh speaks to the isolation he felt, for rather than taking the right path he chose the wrong one (Frost 1061). Frost writes "I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference" (1061). After the sigh the narrator emphasizes that perhaps his choice...

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