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Compare The Ways Attitudes Towards Children Are Presented In Nettles And Born Yesterday

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Compare the ways attitudes towards children are presented in Nettles and Born Yesterday
In Nettles, a father hacks down a bed of nettles that have stung his three year old son. Images of pain and war are used throughout the poem as the father cuts down the “regiment” of “green spears” that have hurt his song. However, his victory is short-lived as the nettles will reappear two weeks later. Born Yesterday was written by Philip Larkin for Sally Amis, his best friend’s daughter, and focuses on his wish for her to be normal so she can be skilled and happy. Each of the poets show different attitudes towards the children in the poems, Scannell has a more protective attitude, whereas Larkin is ...view middle of the document...

Although the speaker had launched this attack, in actual fact it hadn’t achieved much as in two weeks “the busy sun and rain had called up the tall recruits behind the shed” meaning the nettles had regrown once again. This represents the continuous pain and challenges that the son will go through within his life. The change of tense, from past to future, in the last line reveals the message of the poem and its main theme. The metaphor “My son would often feel sharp wounds again” refers to the pain of growing up and the father’s desire to protect his son throughout his life, even if it is not possible.
The title of Born Yesterday is based on the saying “I wasn’t born yesterday” this is the writers way of showing he has a sense of awareness and is not stupid. He has been overdramatic with his wishes for the new-born baby. The poem is written in first person which shows the opinions of the speaker. “Tightly-folded bud” gives natural imagery of a baby which shows the direction of the focus of the poem. His “wish” is “not the usual stuff” which shows he is being realistic and is aware that it might not happen. He does not wish her “the usual stuff” of beauty, “innocence” or “love”. These are all...

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