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Compare The Main Job Roles And Functions In Two Organisations And Explain How They May Differ In Different Organisational Structures

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Compare the main job roles and functions in two organisations and explain how they may differ in different organisational structures:
The main job role of the CEO is looking after shareholders interests and deciding strategy or policy this means what the business aims to do in the long term for example to expand and grow. The CEO also looks at the long-term plans of the business over the next five years. They also try to aim to be successful so shareholders get a good return on their investment. The MD also has a long-term strategy to broaden the business for example expanding large markets such as financial services, non-food and telecoms. The CEO of Tesco wants to expand new ...view middle of the document...

Similarities and Differences of the Job Roles:
The similarities are that both organisations have job titles which are the same but the differences are that what they do is completely different. An example of this would be that the MD of Stebbings is directly involved in the day to day running of the store whereas the MD of Tesco is not he allocates the work through the hierarchy. The MD of Tesco has to liaise with the Board of Directors to make any changes of the company whereas the MD of Stebbings can make all the decisions of the company and doesn’t need to delegate the tasks through the hierarchy.
The similarities are that both organisations have job titles which are the same but the differences are that what they do is completely different. The differences are that in Tesco there are different types of Managers for example in Tesco there is a Personnel Manager who is responsible for recruiting new staff and training new staff where as in Stebbings there is no specialist Personnel and training staff. This is because in tall hierarchies the roles are very specialised but in Stebbings each manager has to take on the responsibility of recruiting and training their own staff which means they will have a much wider job description. Also in Tesco the have an Ambient Manager who specialises in Marketing who has to identify consumer's needs and then supply them with the right products, in the right place at the right time. However in Stebbings each Manager has to take on their own responsibility. In Tesco the Customer Service staff usually looks after customers who have questions or complaints regarding Tesco. On the other hand in Stebbings the Manager will have to take their own accountability of what their role is. The Security Manager has to prevent theft of money any goods from the store. The function is responsible for the maintenance of the technical equipment relating to the security e.g. CCTV, responsible for the clothing section and security tags. In Stebbings the Manager will need a person who is specialised in Security and who can do the job properly. Tesco also have a Bakery Team Leader who is responsible for all of the bakery items such as bread, cakes and doughnuts. In Stebbings they will only have one baker who is responsible for everything whereas in Tesco the Bakery Team Leader allocates each role to the team assistants.

Similarities and Differences of the Job Functions:
Personnel (HR):
The function of Human Resource staff within Tesco is to be responsible for people inside the company. They deal with the workforce, planning, recruitment, training and paying issues. The function of Human Resources within Stebbings is quite similar this is because both organisations will have a HR function which operates in a certain way. However they have differences because in Tesco they have a Personnel Manager who allocates roles to the Personnel Assistants who have to carry out basic duties. Stebbings does not have a...

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