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Compare Networking As Candidate Sourcing Method To Other Methods

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People are the key to organization competitiveness and the quality of core human resources in a firm impacts organizational growth and well-being, so it is important what candidate sourcing method the company is using.Firms at the start-up phase focussed more on similarity in background for team members, than on functional qualifications. A new company usually starts with: "I had a friend and this friend had a father who knows a friend of, etc.” At the beginning I thing that candidate sourcing is most of all based on trust and networking. Even if the person don’t has very good qualifications or lots of experience is not important, because the trust factor is enough.But when the company starts to develop and when more ...view middle of the document...

It is also difficult to do business with family members, because there are many emotions. A success of family depends on the family characters, emotions, sort of business, etc. A lot of people run the company with family management. Somewhere works somewhere doesn’t. Having close friends working with you is the same thing. Sometimes is better to remain a good friend than mixing friendship and business together.But comparing to other source methods I still think that most reliable method is networking. There are a lot of family or long-term friendship businesses that are very successful. They choose networking as a candidate sourcing method and were very effective in it.Good thing about agencies is that you can develop a long-term agency relationship. Agency already knows what kind of workers or experts does your firm need, because they understand the business that you are in. On the other side if you don’t have responsible people at the agency, sometimes the workers you get are not what you were looking for. You don’t know pretty much about them, even though that the agency said that they have required skills you need it.About advertising we can say that it is a problem that there might be cultural differences in what an advertisement should and should not contain – in all cases it may not be discriminative.In the end I can say that all of the candidates sourcing methods have some pros and some cons, so it depends on how big the company is. For small companies it is more suitable that they choose networking, but for the big companies it is better to choose other methods (advertising, agencies, etc.).Sources: Lectures slide text

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