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Compare How The Poets Present Workmanship And Their Journey Of Life And Composing ‘To A Friend ‘Praveen Shakir And ‘On Top’ Gary Snyder

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Compare how the poets present workmanship and their journey of life and composing ‘to a friend ‘Praveen shakir and ‘on top’ Gary Snyder.

‘All you have to do then is wait and watch. New life will sprout’. I will explore the major theme relating it to liberation and the journey of life and demonstrate this by comparing style, language and the importance in both poems by Praveen shakir and Gary Snyder and determine if this was expected or intended.

‘On top’ by Gary Snyder is a poem that symbolizes his personal journey to life, and the aptitude of the path of life. the title of the poem ‘on top’ gives a sense of carrying the previous stuff to the top, the structure of ...view middle of the document...

The last line of the poem ‘A mind like compost’ stands out from the rest of the poem simply because the poem is written in 9 stanza’s and 8 of those stanza’s are close together like a paragraph and the last line of the poem ‘A mind like compost’ is slightly at the bottom excluded from the other stanza’s as if it stands alone and has its own meaning and new beginning which suggests a new chapter in his life. The language expressed in this poem is very straightforward and valuable the word ‘it’ in most of the sentences to represent the matter at hand and not to lose emphasis on the subject. Being in control is the subject of the title. The last line of the poem ‘a mind like compost’ it expresses he left all his old past behind and signifies everything is left behind. This suggests that his new found for life was not too long ago ‘a mind like compost’ with the last line on its own shows it is unanswered still discovering his path. This shows us that he is still discovering himself and pauses at the end of the poem with uncertainty of his journey of discovery. This structure of the poem has one rhyme in one stanza it achieved significance on the reader to become more interested keep reading the poem by the layout of phrasing the words. I feel a sense of liberation when I read this poem because everyone in their life feels emotions of having bad experiences and want to be on top of their lives. I think this poem is intended and aimed for people who are struggling with their life and the baby steps to get on top of things again due to the structure of the poem only has s 9 very short stanzas. ‘Watch it sprout’ this word makes me feel enlightened and it makes me see life as a new beginning.

The second poem I am going to discuss is ‘to a friend’ is about holding on each opportunity life throws at you absorbing all of it and never miss a moment that might be precious. The title of the poem is quite ironical it emphasises her advice ‘to a friend’ life should be embraced with each moment however implying she should be positive although life is against her. A person going through problems, just like everyone else, and finding some sort of solution to repair them. The first six lines of the stanza it describes the person giving...

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