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"How did we come to be?" Throughout time, history, and the world, people have wondered, and have asked, " How did we come to be?" In search of an answer to this question, some people have turned to science for logic, while others, the majority of the world's population, have looked towards their religion, culture, and ancient stories passed down from generation to generation. Two stories, which answer such a question, are "How the World was made", an ancient Cheyenne tale, and "In the Beginning", a story from genesis, the first book of the five books of the torah, the original Hebrew bible. Both stories are equally intriguing in their clever plots, and creativity, used to answer the question, but these are not the reasons for which they are so intriguing. "How the World was made", and "In the Beginning", are so interesting, because although they are from two different cultures, times, and regions, they are eerily alike, yet different ...view middle of the document...

The two stories are also alike, in that the creators, Maheo, and God, both created life in almost the exact same order and way; Maheo an God first created water, light, birds, animals, flora, and finally humans, in the image of himself. Lastly, a parallel, which is incredibly eerie, is that humans in both stories were born from a rib bone. There are countless similarities, which exist between the two. Although both stories have several likenesses, they differ immensely. One of the most significant differences, which the two have, is in the manor in which they are written. "How the World was made", is written with motifs, while "In the Beginning" is almost completely composed of repetitions. Another dissimilarity between the two stories is that in " How the World was made", the creator, Maheo had help from the animals, while God created the world and all its beings solely by himself. Also, in contrast to "How the World was made", in "In the Beginning", the creator, God, created life in increments of time, and then rested, while Maheo, created life and the world in one continuous period. In "In the beginning", God created life because there was none, but Maheo, on the other hand, not only created life because there was none, but because he wanted to use his powers for joy and happiness. Lastly, in "In the Beginning", the creator, God, lived above Earth in the heavens, but Maheo, was all around and inside it; Maheo was the Earth.It is obvious that both stories share many key differences and similarities. From these differences and similarities, one can infer certain important facts about the culture from which the story originated. For example, from " How the World was made", one can tell that the Cheyenne believed that animals were their equals because they believed the same god created them. From the two stories you can also infer that both cultures at sometime had ties with each other, because of the unbelievable similarities and archetypes which they share. (They both contain the archetype of the Earth being a huge void before a being of divinity created life, and that humans were created from a rib bone.) Although extremely different, both did an exceptional job in answering the question, "How did we come to be?"

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