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Michael Dell vs Andy Grove
Michael Dell was the founder of a computer company. He came across as an intrapersonal business man. He based his company’s foundation on pleasing the customer; giving the customer what they want. His goal was to build and run a company that was people oriented and allowed everyone involved to have a voice in the process. The importance of being a good listener can take you far. Andy Grove was the founder of a computer chip manufacturing company. His business philosophy was to either sink or swim and nothing in between. He felt that because he had the best product that there wasn’t a need to worry about the competition, look into bettering the product, or ...view middle of the document...

By producing what the customer desires, you cut down on having a surplus of materials. Utilize technology to reach the consumers and cut down on overhead cost. Short and sweet; give the people what they want at an affordable cost, and they will buy. The computer industry is an ever changing world and there is always some company creating the next best thing. You must be aware and have a plan of action in the event it threatens your company’s product. Be sure to study the product from inside and outside. Encourage those involved so that everyone is optimistic and not going to easily give up at the first sign of strife. The fact that we are in an ever changing society, means that we have to be up to the task of new inventions, bettering old inventions, staying with the times of technology, communicators, and ambitious.
They were both ambitious businessmen with ideas and the courage to see them through. They both looked for ways to help the business flourish even during the hard times. Failure was not an option. Be aware of your competitors and ensure that you are producing a more marketable cost effective product. Both gentlemen were mindful of the completion, maybe not immediately and that change in the market is always lurking, so stay vigilant. They both suffered a loss, but were able to rebound their businesses...

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