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Book: Holes by Louis Sachar
Movie: Holes Walt Disney
After reading the book Holes by Louise Sachar, (1998), I decided to watch the move. I knew that the movie would be different because everyone interprets things differently. But, I was surprised to see a few similarities.
A curse that started with Stanley Yelnats no-good-dirty-rotten-pig stealing great-great-grandfather has followed generations of Yelnats. Madame Zeroni placed this curse on the Yelnats because Stanley’s great-great-grandfather did not carry her up the mountain to drink from the water. As Stanley was walking home from school, a pair of tennis shoes fell from the sky and hit him on the head. The shoes were ...view middle of the document...

The book and the movie were similar in a lot of ways. The movie did a very good job sticking to the book. The setting was the same for both the book and the movie. Stanley was the protagonist. I learned about his traits as well as his strengths and weaknesses (Anderson, 2006). He was a well developed character in the book and the movie; he was a round character (Anderson, 2006). The rest of the boys I would consider Flat characters. I never noticed a change in personality (Anderson, 2006). The theme, benefits of friendship, also stayed the same. Stanley and Zero becoming friends led to their survival and wealth. When Stanley became friends with Zero he was happier than ever.
The book and the movie also offer differences. The point of view was different. In the book the point of view is an omniscient point of view where as the movie is in a first person point of view (Anderson, 2006). The movie left out some of the plot that I thought was important. The movie does not show Stanley being bullied. In the book Stanley gets released because he was getting his notebook out of the toilet. I also pictured the warden to be a freckled redhead and Stanley to be fat. In the book Stanley was seen as an outsider because he is overweight. In the movie he is...

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