Compare And Contrast Two Theories Of Motivation

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Compare and Contrast Two theories of motivation. Suggest how a team leader might use these theories to motivate their team.

Motivation according to Vroom (1964) is based within the individual , which influences one to complete a task. It is important for team leaders to motivate their team in order to 'improve productivity' (Hyun and Oh ,2011, P103) and ensure that employees enjoy their jobs. Many theories of motivation have been developed, which allows team leaders use in work to motivate their teams

The theory's which will be compared and contrasted in this essay are:- Herzbergs two-factor theory and Adams equity theory. Herzbergs theory, has become widely used ...view middle of the document...

An example of a motivator is the duties an employee is given whilst an example of a hygiene is the pay provided for the work.(Herzbergs 1968)

The role of motivators is to want people to work hard as well as enjoy their jobs. These factors focus on the actually role of employees, thus should be provided with the jobs employees do. Whilst lack of hygiene factors can results workers dissatisfaction.(Hyun and Oh ,2011, P103) .In other words hygiene factors are to prevent workers discontent thus these factors do not resulted in motivation however without them there is dissatisfaction. (Herzbergs 1976). Herzbergs stressed that these factors where not ends of one another.

Sachau (2007) found that in order to improve productivity by applying Herzbergs Two- Factor theory, was to adjust jobs so that employees can experiences more motivators factors. This means providing the employees with consistent opportunities to experiences achievement, take responsibility, be autonomous and to learn. Hence if managers of the team enriched jobs, employees would be more interested in their work and therefore they would take on more responsibility as well as produces higher quality output.

Similarly the theory of equity purposed by Adam, is also based on two factors these being :input and outcome,the input is the amount an individual puts into the work which is then compared to the outcome, which is what is achieved as a result of the input, this is then compared the inputs and outcomes of others.(Al-Zawahreh and Al-Madi 2012).
Unlike, Herzbergs, Adams (1968) maintained that inequity results from people not only when they are relatively underpaid but also when the are overpaid. For example a person may feel inequity when they are being paid low for high productivity of input whilst another may also feel inequity when they are being paid high for low productivity. Whilst in the two-factor theory, motivation is more to do with increase in motivators thus this may occur even when productivity is low. (Herzbergs 1976).

Therefore according to the equity theory, motivation is effected by how one perceives being treated fairly. Equity is defined as justices (Al-zawahreh and Al-madi 2012). Thus inequity occurs when a person feels that an imbalances in the ratio between their outcomes and inputs with others workers outcome and inputs. (Mine 1980)

Moreover, according to Bell ( to improve productivity using the equity theory is to remove the feeling of unbalance, a team leader should do this by providing regularly evaluation of each employee on their perception of input which should be balanced with their perception of fair outcomes. This would provide the employees would understanding of the outcome received and remove any thoughts of unfairness.
Moreover a lager amount of research has examined the characteristics of motivation factors that occur. For example Bandura cited in Sachau (2007) found that people are motivated to perform an activity...

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