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Compare And Contrast The Ways In Which Csi And The X Factor Attract Audiences?

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Experts have different views about how to deal with recidivism. Some believe that custodial sentencing is the best way of reducing re-offending, others think that prison may not be the solution and that there are better alternatives. There is also much debate about whether treatment programmes reduce re-offending. Discuss ways of dealing with the problem of recidivism, refer to the views outlined above in your answer. (12)
Custodial sentencing is the imposing of a punishment, consisting of mandatory custody of the convict, either in prison (Incarceration) or in some other closed therapeutic/reducational institution. As recidivism refers to the re-offending rate, critics argue that custodial ...view middle of the document...

It was found that both groups assumed their roles and whilst prisoners became passive, submissive and miserable, guards became domineering and forceful. This concludes that prison isn't always a useful solution as the prisoners were made to feel powerless, and the prison regime was de-individuated. This therefore increased the likelihood of recidivism. In addition, the purpose of punishment is to reform; and prisons evidently don't always do/encourage this as there was no signs of rehabilitation after this study, so can prison really be considered the best way to reduce recidivism. Zimbardo's experiment however, is not a solid reliance when considering if custodial sentencing reduced recidivism or not, because the sample of students was small so it should not be generalised to all cases.
However, a prisons other main purpose is to provide incapacitation so that it is impossible for the offender to commit crime whilst there, this does work for the length of the sentence, however once the offender is released the effects are short-lived and they can easily go onto...

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