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Compare And Contrast The Japanese And Chinese Reactions To The Arrival Of The Europeans

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The European arrival in both Japan and China significantly affected both societies. Following the isolation of the Ming Dynasty in the 14th century, the Christian missionaries attempted to further penetrate the population of China. In Japan, with the rule of emperor Nobunaga, the Christian missionaries were encouraged to convert populations of Japanese. When the Christian religion was seen as a threat to the social hierarchy of Japan, the missionaries were either expelled or persecuted. The missionaries from Europe were some of the first Europeans to influence society in Japan and China. In Japan and China, the European arrival affected the technologies and economies of both societies ...view middle of the document...

This acceptance of European technology allowed for the Europeans to impress and further influence the societies of Japan and China. As well, the technological advancements introduced allowed the Japanese and Chinese societies to benefit greatly in the field of science.The European arrival in Japan and China allowed for alterations in commerce in both societies. In Japan, commercial contacts with Europeans encouraged the Japanese to venture overseas and trade with countries such as Formosa and Korea. The Japanese also traded with locations as far as the Philippines and Siam. Through trade, the Japanese also developed new European styles of gun-making which improved firearms, eventually allowing for an increased trade of weaponry. When Portuguese sailors washed up on the shore of the Japanese island of Kyushu, European traders viewed Japan as an economy where they could prosper, beginning there exchange of silver, copper, pottery and lacquerware for Japanese goods. Traders from Europe also brought goods such as printing presses and clocks to Japan. In China, with the arrival of the Europeans, their silk trade was further refined and expanded. As well, silver from the Americas was introduced into China. The European arrival heavily influenced trade in Japan because the daimyos were enduring a period of civil wars, where the guns introduced by the Europeans were of great importance. As well, Tokugawa increasingly imported these weapons to eventually break up the daimyos. These firearms played an important role in the increasing commerce of Japan during these times. In China, silver was of great importance, for it is a necessity of any great civilization. Therefore, the Chinese imported such bullion from the Spanish, increasing their activity in commerce as well.Europeans were able to integrate their Christian religion more successfully in China than in Japan by the 1600s. As the Chinese began their attempts to isolate themselves, the Christian missionaries began their proselytizing, viewing this isolation as an opportunity. The Franciscans and Dominicans struggled to gain converts in China, yet the Jesuits were more successful, for they began a process in which they converted the elites first, therefore further influencing the lower classes. At the climax of the European proselytizing, tens of thousands of Chinese converted to the Christian religion. The Jesuits impressed the Chinese elite with their knowledge of science and technology, introducing clocks, cannons, and correct calenders. In Japan, Nobunaga embraced the Christian religion,...

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