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Compare And Contrast Road Not Taken And A Worn Path

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Are They the Same or Are They Different
Marissa Rodriguez
Ashford University
Introduction to Literature
ENG 125
Danielle Slaughter
October 21, 2013

Are They the Same or Are They Different
Have you ever read the title of a poem or a short story and think that they were both about the same thing? Well that is not the case most of the time. You cannot judge a book by its cover. Or believe all that you see at first glance. There are many of times that a poem or a short story can carry the same message or make the same point or so we think. Just because they may fall under the same category does not mean that the carry the same meaning. For example “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost and ...view middle of the document...

They both carry a meaning, point of view, plot, setting, theme and a message to get across to the reader. But on the other hand one major difference between the is that a poem is written in stanzas and is short, while a short story is written in paragraph form and can be long in length. I have no clue why they call them short stories!
Let’s began with the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost was published in 1916. This poem is from a narrative point of view. It has four stanzas with iambic tetrameter. “The Road Not Taken” one of Frost most popular also one of his most understood poems of its time. In reading the very first sentence of this poem it makes you think about what the narrator is thinking or what his deep thoughts are. This poem is full of metaphorical thinking and symbolism. In the begging stanza it starts off with two roads this kind of symbolism is the choice in life that one has to make, ones choices. Which way do I go, which one will be the best for me? In this case which yellow road does the narrator follow? The traveler has to make up his mind on which road to follow, he looks and looks at each road. He examines the leaves on the road which ones appear to have been walk on more and which ones seem to be untouched or traveled through less. It appears that both roads seem far apart in the eyes of the author. But are they really that far apart? Being that they start at the same point. A question can be asked do they end at the same place. They author has a weird way of using rhyme in this poem to get his point across to the reader. I personally had to read and reread this poem several times to get the point of view and to completely understand what exactly the meaning was. Other Symbols in "The Road Not Taken" is the concept of two choices is a thought-provoking one. The model of two choices renders one wrong and the other right. If not, one is considered superior to the other. At another level, one is considered default and natural; the other unnatural and deviant. ( The author finds himself second guessing the choice that he needs to make. The choice being which road to take. He tries to see which road has fewer faults by looking at them closely. He is trying to avoid the one that has the most faults or troubles. Can he really see that from just looking down the road? As he stops to really look down the yellow road he sees that each road has it flaws and that they almost look the same. For nothing is life is truly perfect. Which road do you think he will travel? He is unsure which one to take knowing that he may never have this chance again or travel back to take the other road. That is what we call choices in life. There are times where we can’t and don’t get a second chance to make the same decision twice. For we, cannot product the future. As he starts to come to a decision on...

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