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Compare And Contrast Perspectives Essay

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Compare and Contrast Perspectives
Kelly A Rodriguez
Katrina Ramos

Compare and Contrast Perspectives
As the evolution of psychology has evolved so has the perspective of the different fields of psychology. Each thought, each view point has been reevaluated and new theories added but the values and core foundation and thoughts of the past are still held strong. Behaviorist such as John Watson, B.F Skinner, and Edward Tolman were some of the most historic men in the field of psychology; although they may be a thing of the past they set a foundation for future psychologists and the schools of thought.
John Watson’s Perspective
John Watson a young scholar was born ...view middle of the document...

Albert enjoyed his time there and entertained himself by playing with the rats; (Cherry, 2014).  Watson viewed this interaction as a stimulus and decided to test out his classical conditioning theory on Albert. Watson decided that every time the child would be given a rat to play with that Watson would hit a hammer against a metal bar to show the introduction of the two; the sound of the hammer and the introduction of play between the child and the that of the rat. Watson tried this experiment on 7 different occasions with the child, after time he noticed that when the child would be given the rat to play with he would begin to cry out of fear causing a new stimuli one was the crying and the other was the fear. (McIntyre, 2003). After this experiment Albert began to have a fear of anything that reminded him of a fuzzy rat, things such as; dogs, when with beards, Santa Claus, fur coats and so forth. (McIntyre, 2003).
B.F. Skinner’s Perspective
B.F. Skinner behaviorist and American psychologist was born in 1904, he attended school in New York at the Hamilton University where he received his degree in 1926 in English Literature with the desire of wanting to be a writer. (McLeod, 2014).  Skinner was realizing after a year of not much success in writing that this was probably not the field for him, however he found a book that struck his interest titled Outline of Philosophy, by Bertrand Russell. (McLeod, 2014).  The book was about psychologist John B. Watson and his philosophy of behaviorist. (McLeod, 2014).  The knowledge of this book struck up such an interest in Skinner that he decided to go back to school at Harvard University studying psychology. In 1931 Skinner received his PH.D. in psychology where he then formed his own school of thought in Radical Behaviorism. (McLeod, 2014).  Skinners purpose of founding radical behaviorism was to take radical behaviorism and use it to understand the derivation of how it could make for the outcome of environmental experiences that reinforced consequence. Where Watson focused on classical conditioning Skinners development was finding the distinction between classical and operant conditioning with the main goal of understanding operant conditioning. (Goodwin, 2008). Skinner believed that to be able to understand a person’s behavior the cause of the person’s actions and its consequences must first be understood. This method of comprehension would be operant conditioning (McLeod, 2014). If a behavior is continually reinforced by positive rewarding it will begin to get stronger and repeats its self, however if the behavior is not reinforced it tends to fade away.
Although Skinner and Watson had very similar view points in some aspects they had exceptionally strong differences in others. Watson believed that psychology was meant to study human behavior and was against the thought that one should use references to a person’s mental state of mind. Skinner apposed Watson’s thoughts and pushed the...

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