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(Compare And Contrast Essay On Babe Ruth And Barry Bonds)

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(Compare and Contrast Essay on Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds)By Roderick SmithThe Major league Baseball Association league has been in existence for almost half a century. This league produces a large number of baseball stars and fans every year. Throughout their respective careers, baseball fans have compared the achievement, athletic style and popularity of two of the most recognizable baseball players career of the 20's, 30's and today: Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds.When looking at the game of baseball, people have noticed that these two great players have either achieved or broke almost all the awards and/or records the game of baseball has to offer. They both led their respective teams to either a division title or a championship title. Babe Ruth led the Boston Red Sox to the World Series title in 1915, 1916, and 1918. Babe Ruth after being traded to the New York Yankees led the team ...view middle of the document...

Babe Ruth was better known as one of the greatest all around performers of the game, while Barry Bonds was better known for explosive scoring ability and inspired defensive play. The both of them also had different roles to play on the field. Babe Ruth played pitcher and Outfielder, while on the other hand Barry Bonds played just Outfield. Barry Bonds has a better athletic ability than Babe Ruth; and he was quicker. On the other hand, Babe Ruth did some things in the game that were unreal and have not been accomplished since his time. For example, Babe Ruth hit 3 homeruns twice in the World Series.The popularity level of these two great baseball players varies a lot. Barry Bonds popularity has spread well beyond scoring titles, championships and other aspects out of playing baseball, while on the other hand Babe Ruth hasn't. Babe Ruth didn't make that great impact of as Barry Bonds did in the game baseball. For example Barry Bonds is well known throughout the world for being the first man to hit 73 homeruns. Barry Bonds popularity travels well out of the game of baseball while Babe Ruth's popularity remains in baseball. For example, Babe Ruth worked as executive officer with the Boston Braves and he coached the Braves in the 1935 season. On the other hand Barry Bonds popularity has grown out of baseball issues. The popularity level of Barry Bonds today is way higher than Babe Ruth. Barry Bond's face is well known throughout the world largely because of technology.Before fans judge the achievement, athletic style and popularity of Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds, they must recognize a few things about these two players. Babe Ruth was Caucasian and he did well in baseball in the 20's and 30's during a time of war, and his career was very long running from 1914- 1935.In contrast, Barry bonds is African-American and is doing well in baseball today and his career has been running from 1986-today. Most people do not agree that Barry Bonds is better than Babe Ruth, but they would agree that Barry Bonds is one of the best players of today while Babe Ruth is the best player of the 20's and 30's.

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