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Compare And Contrast Country Lover And The Wecome Table

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Reading the two short stories “Country Lover” who was written by Nadine Gordimer (1923), and “The Welcome Table” whom was written by Alice Walker (1970). these two stories I enjoyed reading because it shows feelings, pain, hate, and two women older and younger go through these emotions and the struggled that they had to go through. Even though one is younger and the other is older it shows that no matter how old you are it does not matter what kind of racism you face because it was a lot of that going on.

With comparing these two stories it has a few things that are the same, ...view middle of the document...

They looked at this women like she was the worse person in the world because she went into a white church. Now the wives was no better because instead of them having some kind of feelings they had their husband throw her out they threw her out the back door “they placed their hard fists under the old women arms they raised their fists, flexed their muscular shoulders and out she flew” (Clugston,2010). With these short stories they had racism which in certain areas they still exist and in other areas they do not, like racism interracial is still happening rather people like it or not. People out here in today’s society have their rights to love anyone of any color
with racism I just think it should not happened but it is and at the end you can control everyone and what they think or feel about anything. Another similarity is that both stories is told from a third person omniscient point of view. The way that the narrator told the story and the way that third person knew how the character felt, in the story “The Welcome Table” when the old lady was walking to the church the way she was described she wore a “rusty dress adorned with an old corsage” with a “ remnants of an elegant silk scarf” (Clugston,2010). Or in the “Country Lovers when the narrator describe Thebedi baby when she said that the baby was “pale, plump tiny face with a bubble of spit at the corner of the mouth” (Clugston,2010)with the third person telling both stories they are looking from their point of view which makes it more interesting to hear what the third person thinks about the stories. However, when analyzing the story “The Welcome Table” its says that this older lady wanted to go to church and came across an all white church. When she entered this church, the people looked at her “upon their own fear transferred, a fear of the black and the old, a terror unknown as well as of the deeply known”(Clugston,2010). When the third person is telling this story she desribe her as “lean and wrinkled” the narrator aslo desribe her face which was her eyes as “blue brown.” When the white people of this church saw this women their eyes turned into fear. When the wives got fed up with looking at her their husbands throw her out the back door. After expercineg that she saw a man in the shadows walking she saw Jesus, now the way the narrtor desribe Jesus they she desribe his clothes as “an immaculate (Clugston, 2010). When this lady spotted Jesus she was joyful, with her walking and talking to Jesus about what this people ...

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