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Compare And Contrast Essay

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Life of Learning

By the time an individual is closing in on the last months of high school, he or she will already have had roughly thirteen years of schooling. Looking back on those years of waking up early, sitting at a desk all day and having to pay attention to a variety of teachers with different teaching methods can discourage students from wanting to further their education. Sadly, some students feel that school can be a waste of their time and do not realize the potential it offers for enhancing their future. Many high school students would rather spend time hanging out with friends, surfing the internet, or any other activity imaginable to procrastinate from completing any given ...view middle of the document...

Most often, high school students welcome this assistance, but take for granted the amount of time the teacher has available. High school students take full advantage of the lax environment instilled in the school. Skipping classes, missing tests to make it up at a later date, or calling in sick to get out of an important project, are just a few of the ways a student can abuse the schools pro-learning environment. Standards rise with college in correspondence to the difficulty in the new material. In major universities, class sizes increase exponentially and a student is lucky to see a professor face to face once or twice a week if at all.
Academic pressure in college is much higher and as a general rule professors are much less lenient than high school teachers. For example, typically no late assignments are accepted unless previously worked out with a professor, proof of a legitimate reason is usually required and a significant percentage will likely be deducted from the grade. There is also a slim chance of being able to make up an exam if the student is not present. “Calling in sick” is no longer a wise idea if a student is not prepared for an exam. Sometimes even with a doctor’s note, it is upon the professor’s discretion whether or not to let the individual make up the missed test.
Class size also directly influences student/professor interaction. Most often in high schools, students will be put in a classroom of usually no more than thirty people. The intimacy of the class room is usually reflected on the teacher’s interaction with said students. Nevertheless, in a major college or university, a student could be in an auditorium with upwards of two hundred or more people. At smaller community colleges, there is a possibility of having twenty- five other students, or two hundred, just depending on the size of the school. The teacher to student ratio is extremely offset making it near impossible for the one professor to see every individual within a lecture week.
An obvious difference between high school and college is the general expense. Public schools, including high schools, junior high school and elementary schools, are primarily paid for through city taxes, leaving a very small amount (if any) to be paid by the family of the students. However, these are involuntary and must be attended until the age of 16. There are of course activities like field trips or school dances that are not mandatory, but if attended will be an out of pocket expense for the student or their parents. Some high schools also instill “senior dues” on the graduating class to be paid before they are allowed to graduate. Even with all the number of expenses that a student may have to pay in a public high school, it is not near the amount of money that can be expected to be spent in a college, university or trade school.
On the other hand, it is typically the individual interested in furthering their education that is responsible for paying tuition. There are...

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