Compare And Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast
ENGL 102-C04: Composition and Literature
Spring C 2015

Thesis Statement and Outline
“The Most Dangerous Game” and “The Child by Tiger” are two short stories that are different in some ways as well as they have some aspects in common, both characters portray good and evil personalities. The twists in these stories will make one’s imagination run wild and they have the ability to entertain the mind.
I. Introduction: The Most Dangerous Game and The Child by Tiger both character had a portrayed good and evil.
II. The Most Dangerous Game short story by Richard Connell
A. Major plot was to hunt human.
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He decided to enjoy the evening and explore a little. He found himself overlooking the ocean. While he was admiring the view he leaned on the railings and slipped; falling into the water. Even though he was calling for help, no one was able to hear him. As he is calling for help he hears a gun shot and swam toward the sound. He ended up on an island. Once he found himself on the island he came into contact with General Zaroff. The two began conversing and getting to know each other. As they became to know one another General found out the he was familiar with Rainsford. He had read some parts of Rainsford book hunting snow leopards in Tibet. Rainsford was impressed that General Zaroff read his book. Rainsford had become very comfortable. He had no idea what was in store for him. General Zaroff explained why he had become so bored of hunting and killing animals. He then informed Rainsford that he decided to hunt and kill human beings. When Rainsford realize what General Zaroff was doing on the island he wanted off the island. He quickly realized that he was going to be General’s next hunted. As the hunting game began it become apparent that the General may have forgotten that Rainsford was an experience hunter as well. “The primary reason God hates murder is that out of all creation, only human are made in the image of God”.(Genesis 1:26).
“The Child by Tiger” is a short story about a man name Dick Posse. Posse was a Negro man that lived in the basement of a middle class white family. The family all seemed to love him. He had and possessed a strong love for God; he had extraordinary faith. Dick Posse would carry his Bible everywhere he went. When he would take the family to church he could not go inside. He would stand outside and sing as loud as the people inside the church, that it impressed everyone. He was waiting for his boss to return to the car when he was approached by a drunken white man. The drunken man beat up Posse for no reason. Posse could not hit the man back during the beating. Posse retaliated by going on a killing spree. The love and faith that Posse possessed for God was the reason why no one expected Posse to retaliate. The white family and the people of the town were shocked when Dick Posse went on a rampage and killed several people. He killed everyone with no remorse but yet has so much love for God. Dick Posse demonstrated something similar to what is going on in the world today. He was angry with the way people were mistreating him or bullying him. He accepted the everyday struggles of his life, including the beating, the insults, and name calling. He suffered in silent. He finally reached his breaking point. He could not take it anymore and no one thought anything was wrong because he hid behind the Bible. Clearly, he did not believe and trust the Word of God. Proverbs 3:5 “Trust...

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