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Compare And Contrast 2 Pieces Of Early American Lit. (Plymouth Plantion And The General History Of Virginia)

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Comparison of Early American LiteratureThe two selections Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford and The General History of Virginia by John Smith are some of the earlier pieces of American literature.Although they were both written in the same time period the style and attitudes vary greatly. William Bradford had a very direct form of writing; commonly known as "plain puritan" style, whereas, John Smith had a somewhat confusing, more elaborate, writing style. Bradford's piece also seemed more accurate than John Smith's account. For example, John Smith wrote of his capture by "...three hundred bowmen, conducted by the king of Pamunkee..." which seems more than a little exaggerated. After all, it generally doesn't ...view middle of the document...

.." William Bradford, on the other hand, boasts about his colony: "...there was but six or seven sound persons who to their great commendations, be it spoken, spared no pains night or day, but with abundance of toil and hard of their own health, fetched them wood, made them fires, dressed them meat, made their beds, washed their loathsome clothes, clothed and unclothed them."Bradford and Smith, both leaders of their colonies, wrote of their hardships in the new world. Despite these similarities the way they acted was very different. When John Smith writes about the Native Americans he refers to them as "savages" and "barbarians." He even calls Pocahontas, the girl who saved his life, "a young wench." Bradford writes of the Native Americans as human beings. He even had a peace treaty with them that lasted twenty-four years.They also had different motifs for writing, which may contribute to the many differences. Smith wrote his selection to encourage people to come to America to find excitement and adventure. Bradford simply wanted to inform the readers of what the lives of colonists was really like.As different are their writing styles, motifs, and views these two men share some common ground, one being they are some of the earliest works of American Literature. So no matter how different or alike Smith and Bradford's writings are, History of Virginia and Of Plymouth Plantation will always be remembered as great American literature.

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