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Compare Essay

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There are many similarities between the poems Nettle’s and The Manhunt one being that both poems are about people caring for someone close to them for instants in the poem Nettles it’s about a father who caring for his child after falling in a “parade” of Nettles but even after fixing him his father is still angered by the nettles and doesn’t want his child to feel this pain again so he decides to cut down the nettles but even after cutting them down, the new “recruit” of nettles are back within two weeks showing that no matter how hard the father tries to protect his son from pain “he would often feel sharp wounds again” this is the last line in the stanza which clearly shows ...view middle of the document...

The poem structure also looks like a ladder so each stanza could represent a rudder on the ladder and with every step she takes she is slowly getting closer to the top or her husband.

Both poems also touch on the topic of love but in each poem it’s a different type of love, the love shown in the Manhunt is an intensive love towards her husband we see evidence of this from “handle and hold” and “mind and attend” this show how the wife is caring and loving for her husband and supporting him though the tough times he has been through where as the love shown by the father in Nettles is a parental love but like in Manhunt the father spends a lot of time with his son making sure his okay and tries to repair the damage done we can see this from “We soothed him till his pain was not so raw” This show the father empathy for his son and shows he took time like the wife in Manhunt to make sure his son was okay.

Both poem also show war imagery but in Nettles it used as Metaphors to describe the Nettles such as “regiment of spite” and “tall recruits” all these put a strong image of war in the readers head but are maybe not words you would typically relate to nettles but in the poem The Manhunt we see war imagery in a more literal way evidently we see this from “grazed heart” and “unexploded mine” this are both showing pain that the man has been through and experience in war but by using unexploded mine it also give the reader that the wife knows at some point the more emotional pain that her husband is going to need to release at some point and it’s all going to come out at once and when it does it’s going to be like a mine.

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