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Comparative Study Of Academic Achievement Of Student From Monogamous And Polygamous Families

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Department of Educational Foundations,
University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria.

This study compared the academic achievement of students from
monogamous and polygamous families. It was a causal comparative study
under the survey research approach. The sample consisted of 100 SSI students
from monogamous families and 100 SSI students from polygamous families.
Simple random sampling method was used In selecting four secondary schools
in Offa, Kwara State.
Stratified simple random sampling method was also used In seiecting the
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Obemeata (1971), and Daramola (1994) attributed it to the
students' background that is, the type of home environment where the child is
raised. They stressed that the environmental condition and the nature of social
interaction that goes on in the family may have some positive or negative
influence on the academic achievement of a child. Daramola (1994) further
stated that the factors affecting a child's educational achievement include the
occupational status of the parents, the attitude of parents to their children's
education, and the values transmitted by the parents. . .
Wilkins (1976) noted that in monogamous family, both parents show
active interest in what their child is doing at school. They also encourage his
reading habits, and this enables him to have obvious advantage over his peers
from polygamous families. He further noted that the child from a polygamous
family may have just few textbooks, while the child from monogamous family
may have almost all the books recommended at school. In polygamous families
also, it may be the mother's responsibility to see that the children do their home
work, provide them with materials needed for academic work and, in most cases,
manage to pay the children's fees. This is contrary to what happens in the
monogamous families.
Lewis (1981) also opined that in traditional African cultures (especially in
Nigeria), one of the reasons for sanctioning polygamy was the strong desire for
offspring. In their yearning for children, they tend to forget that the more the

children they have, the more difficult it becomes to finance the education of the
Concerning student problems, Wilkins (1976) also emphasized that in the
monogamous family, degrees of agreement and violent disagreement are
worked out by both husband and wife. Both also share the same losses and
griefs. Adika (1987) also noted that conflicts are relatively easier to solve in the
monogamous than in the polygamous families. Moreover, less psychological
disturbance is envisaged in the former than in the latter.
Students from polygamous families are therefore more likely to
experience more problems than students from monogamous families. This
will invariably affect their academic achievement. This is because, according
to Sanders (1974), psychological problems are potential sources of trouble
with learning.
The above studies have revealed that the nature of social interaction that
goes on in a family, can affect the child psychologically and emotionally.
When a child is in a poor mental state because of psychological
disturbances, his or her academic performance may be affected. In view of the
aforementioned reasons, there may be the tendency to hastily conclude that
polygamy will give rise to poor academic achievement. However, it is necessary
to take cognizance of the fact that the resultant rivalry in polygamous homes
may rather have a positive effect on the children's academic achievement. This
is because in a bid to out-shine the half...

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