Comparative Study Between Pnb And Sbi

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Quantitative techniques

Topic: - Customer satisfaction towards services offered by Dell service centre.

Name :- Rajani |
BBA 4th sem |
Roll no :- B76 |
Section :-RT1909 |
11013933 |

Topic: - Customer satisfaction towards services offered by Dell service centre.

1. Do you use Dell laptops or accessories?
a) YES b) NO

2. Have you ever been to Dell service centre or experienced service offered by Dell?
a) YES b) NO (if no, please return this questionnaire)

3. How many times you visited Dell service centre?
a) Once ...view middle of the document...

Do they really follow flexibility in providing services in their Service centers?
a) Yes b) No

9. When you go to Dell service centers how they treat you
a) Make you comfortable ___:___:___:___:___:___:___ don’t treat you nicely
b) Listen with patience ___:___:___:___:___:___:___ Behave impatience
c) Treat you with smile ___:___:___:___:___:___:___ React in disgust mood

10. Do you think Dell Services vary according to different locations?
(As in metropolitan cities they provide services in better way in respect of small cities)
a) Yes
b) No
c) Sometimes

11. When you go to Dell service center or approach them online, they ask for your feedback in which form?
a) Written
b) Orally
c) Feedback Form
d) Suggestions
e) Don’t ask

12. Do you think they really work upon your feedback or you deal with a same problem every time?
a) Same Problem remains
b) They work on to sort out problems
c) They ignore every time
d) Sometimes it is solved

13. Please rate Dell services according to other service providers in laptop or computer related accessories. Write 1 as very good, 2 as good, 3 as nor good nor bad, 4 as bad and 5 as very bad.

Brands | Quality in service | Time taken | Flexibility in service | Services offered | Satisfactionlevel |
Dell | | | | | |
Hp | | | | | |
Lenovo | | | | | |
Apple | | | | | |
Sony vaio | | | | | |
HCL | | | | | |

14. How do you rate the quality of services provided by Dell?
a) Excellent
b) Very good
c) Good
d) Fair
e) Poor

15. How likely are you to recommend Dell Services to your friends?
a) Extremely likely
b) Very likely
c) Somewhat likely
d) Slightly likely
e) Not at all likely

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