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Comparative Language Analysis

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P Plate drivers have the highest amount of deaths on Australian roads which has become a high and controversial issue within the media, affecting families and friends. In David Penberthy's opinion piece, "Time to stop mollycoddling prats with P-plates", Penberthy uses a confrontational and a serious tone to argue that P-Platers fail to learn the consequences and mistakes of inappropriate driving which is due to parents mollycoddling their children. Similarly, The Age's editorial, "A way to brake the hoon drivers" suggests in a disturbed and disappointed tone that too many young lives are being lost due to hoon's controlling our roads and the minimal law in Victoria which doesn't stop the ...view middle of the document...

Panberthy further expresses and stereotypes the young P Platers actions of "going out late, getting drunk, impressing chicks, doing stupid stuff with your friends" which does not only effect themselves but also other citizens. The use of imagery positions the reader to feel appalled and disgraced at the young generation which is also an appeal to family values. This questions today's modern society of the outraged and disgraceful teenagers where readers feel embarrassed of how this generation is turning out. Panberthy argues that the P-Plater drivers have no idea of the consequences of their actions as they "fail to learn from the death of their friend." This effects the reader as the young generation isn't learning from other's mistakes, which makes the reader feeling scared and sickened to know the fact that there are young and careless drivers out on our roads, not worrying about their safety as well as others.

Similarly, The Age's editorial "A way to brake the hoon drivers" continues the argument that too many young lives are being lost due to hoon's controlling our roads and the minimal law in Victoria which doesn't stop the hoon's. The comparison is made between the Victorian laws and other states laws in relation to hoon legislation. The use of statistics shows the reader that "hoon cars to be confiscated have applied in NSW since 1996" and "particularly in Queensland, where the confiscation rate is about 700 cars a year", yet the government in Victoria "deserve credit for rushing to adopt populist policy". This calls to the reader's attention that the lack of control the government has over hoon drivers, and now with no anti- hooning laws, hoons had free rein to "risk people's lives". This positions the reader to feel angry and disturbed towards the Victorian Government as they have not being using their power to eliminate the problem. An appeal to logic is made through the justification of discouraging dangerous driving; "Perhaps the key issue is that draconian law can be justified only if it does indeed discourage dangerous driving and reduce the road toll". Many lives are being lost through hoon drivers, and the lack of legislation creates the further threat to many which effects the reader to feel disappointed at the Government and to be saddened with the high number of deaths caused by these lunatic hoon drivers .

The Age further argues the recklessness presented by the drivers and how these "young drivers and their passengers are over represented among the dead and injured on the roads." This positions the reader to not only blame the hoons for the horrific accidents, but also the passengers as they play a key role in this situation. The use of metaphoric language, "A car in the wrong hands is as deadly as a gun", positions the reader to understand the true danger and high risk of death hoon...

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