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Comparative Essay On Uninformitarianism And Catastophism

704 words - 3 pages

Comparative Essay on Uniformitarianism and Catastrophism

Dennis Jacobson

Professor Dr. Travis Bradshaw
PHSC 210

Submitted December 10, 2012


The debate over Uniformitarianism and Catastrophism has been going on for decades. Uniformitariasm holds to the belief that certain processes that are happening today, have happened at the same rate in the past.(1) This has a profound impact on the dating of the Earth. Catastrophists on the other hand believe that there were processes in the past that occurred at rates scales, and intensities greater than possible today. The Catastrophists belief that there was a ...view middle of the document...

During this period catastrophism was strong. Catastrophism is the belief that Earths landscapes have been fashioned by great catastrophes, one in particular the great worldwide flood during the days of Noah. The flood could account for the fossil record, and for the strata that are presently found. This has a profound impact on a persons worldview, we are not just talking rocks, and bones, but in reality creationism, and evolution.
Compare and Contrast
Uniformitarianism, and Castrophism are on opposite sides of the spectrum in many respects, and use the same evidence in another. Uniformitarianism tries to say the same processes that are happening today have happened before in the distant past, while Catastrophism says that the processes that happened in the not so long ago, were quick and the result of a catastrophe. I find it ironic that both sides use the same evidence to prove their point. They use the fossil record, and they use the layers of sediment found in rocks. Uniformitarianists look...

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