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Comparative Essay

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Comparative Essay:
Original creation of the Earth

PHSC 210, D03-LUO

I. Introduction
The old-Earth evolution and young-Earth creation debate has been one that has gone on for centuries. Each viewpoint seeks to give an answer to life’s most difficult questions or origins and how the Earth came to be what it resembles today. While the Young Earth viewpoint has remained constant and unchanged throughout the centuries the Old Earth view seems to be continually evolving as new discoveries tend to discredit previous assumptions. One certainty is that both viewpoints take a dogmatic stance against each other in regards to the interpretation of scientific evidence. The purpose ...view middle of the document...

“The early Earth was probably partially or largely molten” (The Solar Nebula. N.d). Over time the earth cooled and the crust was formed. “Much continental crust, the most silica rich and least dense kind, has been produced by 2.5 billion years” (The Solar Nebula. N.d). Over a period of time and a series of volcanic eruptions water vapor was thrown into the atmosphere and eventually condensed to form the oceans. From a spinning cloud of dust the evolutionary process began and the Earth that is inhabited today came into existence according to the nebular hypothesis.
I. Young-Earth View
The young-Earth view on the original creation of the Earth and all that inhabits it is a six literal day creation by God. This view does not try to hypothesize on the unobserved past, rather this view is based off of the Genesis account recorded in the scriptures. “The language of Genesis chapters 1 and 2 are technically precise and linguistically clear. Any reader would understand that the author of those pages intended to convey a normal six-day creation” (Creation was 24/6. N.d). “Genesis is history, not poetry, parable, prophetic vision, or mythology” (Mortenson, 2011). The foundation of the young-Earth viewpoint starts with God as the omnipotent spiritual being from eternity past who spoke all things into existence. In the first day God created light and separated it from darkness (Gen 1:3-5). On the second day God created an expanse and separated waters above and below thus creating the sky or heaven (Gen 1:6-8). On the third day came the formation of what he had already created and he gathered the waters together and spoke dry land into existence, here is the formation of planet earth (Gen 9-10). He also commanded plant life to come on the same day the earth was created (Gen 11-13). Day four God created the sun, moon, and stars (Gen 1:14-19). Day five God created sea creatures and birds. (Gen 1:20-23). On day six God created animals, insects, and man. (Gen 1:24-31). The young-Earth view holds to the belief that all that came into existence was fashioned by the Creator God in six literal days.
II. Comparison of the Viewpoints
While these two views seem to be in utter contrast to each other some commonalities can be found. The nebular hypothesis view believes that matter existed before the Earth was formed. The six day creation view would agree. God first created light, and then separated an expanse with water; matter was present in both views before the formation of the Earth. Another area where there is agreement between both views is in the age of Earth in relation to the Moon. “The rocks that were collected from the moon from the Apollo missions are dated 4.5 billion years using secular assumptions. This makes the...

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