Company Tour And Analysis

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G3 Enterprises Analysis

Company Introduction
In January 2003, four companies came together to form a single solution provider for several products and services in one industry: beverage packaging. G3 Enterprises has incorporated Packaging, Printing, Shipping, and Real Estate into one coercive unit, dominating all stages of the supply chain. Our main focus for this analysis is on the printing portion, known as the Label Division.

G3 Label Division started out as Grand Street Printing, originally located in downtown Modesto, California. In 2004 the division had outgrown its previous location and found a new how on Crowslanding Road in Ceres, California. With the added space and ...view middle of the document...

After gathering data for this project, we learned that in 2007, G3 Enterprises Label Division will ship over 1 Billion labels. Considering just 4 years ago they were only averaging 20 million per year, that is a significant achievement. When a company has a significant amount of growth such as this, it is likely there is some structure keeping the growth under control. In order to find out more about this control, we decided to take a tour of the plant and gain an in-depth perspective.

Our point of contact for our tour of G3 Enterprises, Label Division was Mary Williams who is the Quality Director. She has been with G3 for 6 years, and has helped guide the company along its amazing growth process. Our first stop was to watch a 20-minute presentation of the general overview of the company and how it has become what it is today. We were lucky enough to meet the division’s General Manager, Tom Gallo, and talk to him for a few minutes. Continuing on with the tour, we went out into the main plant and were immediately met with loud machines and cool air. As we walked around the shop Mary pointed out several machines, explained what they did, and introduced us to the people that work on them. While walking around we noticed the shop was immaculate. All the workstations were clean and organized, the machines were all in good working order, and every worker seemed to know exactly what he was to be doing at any given time. We also took notice of several bulletin boards with charts and data tables on them, which Mary assured we would discuss later in the tour. Our last stop on the tour was the Quality Laboratory where we got to sit down and discuss in detail the Quality principles G3 Label uses to keep its structure in order.

Quality Principles
The most important part of the Quality program G3 Label uses is their ISO 9000 and 14000 certifications. Mary told us that without the structure that ISO 9000 requires, the entire process that Label Division goes through to produce its product would be absolute chaos. Every machine, every job, every step has a written document that describes in detail how that task should be done. Mary said this isn’t necessarily an ISO requirement, however when an auditor comes to get them re-certified, all he has to do is verify the worker is following the written instructions and everything works out fine. Mary told us how every 4 months the entire Quality team gets together and audits a portion of the company for accuracy and policy adherence. Another part of the ISO 9000 requirements is to verify all the devices used in a critical control point be calibrated. Because of limited resources and time, they employ an outside company to handle this portion of the requirement, however one of the Quality Team members is still responsible for making sure this calibration happens when scheduled and maintains the records in a specified location. G3 also has the ISO 14000 certification, which is more...

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