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When you think of Disney, you may think of Disney movies, Disney Channel, or Disney World/Disney Land. You may even think of Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or Donald Duck. Disney is much more than just a face of a cartoon character. Disney is available in many markets, but it is looking to branch out to a wider variety of markets. Disney has factors that has made it successful, however, has vulnerabilities and recommendations to strengthen their marketing edge.
Disney, created by Walt Disney, didn’t have success immediately. It took him multiple times to get it right, but it all started with a mouse named Mickey. Walt believed in the four C’s that made him and his company ...view middle of the document...

Disney has much vulnerability. One is the message their animated movies convey can be very controversy. In the Lion King, it gives the message that in order to be successful, people must die. In Cinderella, the message says if you wait around long enough, the universe will hand you stuff. Tarzan ran around without clothes. Two is the bad publicity that it is currently receiving about the lines at the theme parks.
Disney needs to watch out for other animated companies trying to get in on their targeted audience. This could create a threat if the movie is a flop since their whole marketing scheme is based off of the current movie. This could cause huge revenue lost. Disney needs to watch out for other theme parks that cost less, more up to date, and provide more accommodations for families especially during these economic hardships. These economic hardships can be difficult with the revue from the theme parks since families feel that Disney parks are too expensive. They might opt to go to Six Flags instead. Disney has limited locations with theme parks.
The recommendations that I would make to their senior marketing executives going forward is to target new costumers group. Disney should spread out more throughout the country offering closer locations for theme parks. Disney should offer an indoor theme park in New York. Disney should improve advertising with more mature audience. Another is to remodel and renew attractions in every park and resort to make the park more appealing to the customers. An updated look could give Disney the kind of edge that it needs against its competitors. Another recommendation is to branch out to satellite and cable companies to offer more channels. Finally, Disney should take advantage of technology. Most movies are becoming streamed or...

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