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Company Introduction, Marketing Segmentation And Product Positioning

2040 words - 9 pages

Financial Management

Enid K Bukambu

Dr. Figiel
Contemporary Business
Businesses have many areas to manage to keep things working smoothly. Finance is just one of these areas. Because finances impact virtually everything else the company does, it's probably the most important thing a manager must address. This paper discusses two companies, Google and Microsoft and their financial performance and how recession has affected them.
Google is one of the leaders in internet information searching and the main services the company provides are search advertising, display advertising, mobile advertising and providing tools for publishers. Not only are these programs the backbone ...view middle of the document...

The leader needs to articulate a challenging and significant end result, but leave out the specific steps the followers should take. This allows the followers to interpret and internalize the objective utilizing their creative talents in meeting the leader's goals. “Vision-Direction" is the primary Mesick dimension that benefits from this technique. At Google, Eric the CEO has stated the company's goal as "Organizing the world’s information making it universally accessible and useful" (Leadership style of Google, 2011). An engineer working to index billions of web pages can easily identify with this laudable goal. As a practical matter the goal of making information universally accessible is a more meaningful goal for the engineer, interested in making his mark on society, rather than a mundane goal of increasing Google's revenues by $300 million dollars. Eric considers this transfer of ownership to be so important that while at Novell he created a quarterly in-house radio show modeled after NPR's "Car Talk". He even made tapes available for in-car listening (Leadership style of Google, 2011).
One of the many reasons Google consistently brings innovative, world-changing products to market is because of the collaborative work they do in Product Management. With eyes focused squarely on the future, their team works closely with creative and prolific engineers to help design and develop technologies that improve access to the world's information. The company is responsible for guiding products throughout the execution cycle, focusing specifically on analyzing, positioning, packaging, promoting and tailoring solutions to all the markets where Google does business (Product management, 2010).
Adoption of Google Apps, available to businesses since 2007, continues to grow. Today more than 3 million businesses, from mom-and-pops to big corporations, use Google Apps which includes email, documents, calendars and more to communicate and collaborate in the workplace. Cloud computing—web-based software that people can use on any device with a browser and an Internet connection (no special software or hardware required) is especially suited to the workplace, employees can access their data anytime and anywhere in order to collaborate on and share documents in real time, freeing them up to be productive in other ways that weren’t possible with traditional desktop applications (Product management, 2010).
On the other hand, Microsoft Company has eight business divisions that offer the greatest potential to serve their customers. Online Services Division which is Microsoft’s search, portal, advertising and personal communications services, including online information offerings such as Bing and the MSN portals and channels is one of them. Moreover there is Server and Tools Business which is Microsoft infrastructure software, developer tools and cloud platform, including products such as Windows Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio, System Center and the Windows...

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