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Company Delamere Pottery Limited Essay

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Company Delamere Pottery Limited, which produces earthenware tableware, founded in 1997 after obtaining assets of T.G. Delamera & Co ltd. Company acquired a functional structure to better support the increase in turnover (Williamson et al., 2004, p. 53) in new markets areas that offer greater margins. To enhance the competitiveness, company launched a new strategies in business, marketing and finance mainly to increase gross margins by 10% and increase customer satisfaction together with a reduction of inventory (Williamson et al., 2004, p. 207).
Business strategy is mainly based on the more efficient use of existing resources of the company. With implementation of the ERP system, the ...view middle of the document...

Marketing strategy relies mainly on improving quality of products, service and so increase the overall brand reputation. Delamere Pottery Limited wanted to differentiate from competition through their products, supply chain and marketing (Williamson et al., 2004, p. 90) and so obtained higher saleability. The achievement of this strategic plan had five segments: Quality, Design, Service, Reliability, Brand awareness (Williamson et al., 2004, p. 210). Marketing strategy was closely linked to business strategy, with emphasis on the lean production. Improvement of manufacturing processes has a direct positive impact on the quality of the products and also thorough better controlling of the packaging, labeling and delivery of products can reduce costs. The company sought to be recognized as a progressive and innovative (Williamson et al., 2004, p. 210), therefore been given a lot of emphasis on design. Decisions in product design can have a large impact on cost, but also with design can be achieved the differentiation from the competition and getting higher profits (Desai et al, 2001, p. 37). Be credible among customers, the company tried to improve service, improve communication and improve the performance in the delivery of finished products to the customers on time. To support this plan has been introduced customer relationship management (CRM). Another tool how to increase turnover is to enhance the brand awareness. Greater brand awareness among customers increase the differentiation from competition and gives firm the possibility to increase the prices of products.
Financial Strategies Delamere Pottery Limited was divided into two main parts: increasing gross margin and additional turnover (Williamson et al., 2004, p. 211). The results of gross margins depended on the success of the implementation of ERP system, lean manufacturing and improved distribution and getting the brand into public awareness. Additional turnover was possible made by sale of selected products for specially selected markets and the gradual-depth sales to particular markets.
In company Delamere Pottery Limited the main emphasis has been taken on comprehensive manufacturing strategy. To support this strategy, in year 1999 was presented the system MPC (Manufacturing, Planning, Control). MPC should be associated with the other main functions...

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