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Company Analysis

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Dakota College at BottineauStress ManagementConnor HicksHuman RelationsRuss GagnonApril 29, 2014Stress is one of those things that prevent people from completing the task at hand, it can come in many different forms and can be brought on by several different forces. Many people will deal with stress when being a part of a workplace, family, school, and relationships are a big one. Stress has a huge impact on the human body, with head or stomach aches, can't sleep, loss of having an appetite, which can lead to serious problems. It's becoming a problem that people aren't realizing their own stress that has built up from what's occurring in life, very important to manage good sleeping habits ...view middle of the document...

Stress Management in the WorkplaceThere are many factors going in to stress in the workplace. A lot of workers will be experiencing stress coming from all different sources, being how well your personality is with the people you have to interact with throughout those long work days. If you are highly negative towards your customers, in return you might face some bad feedback that results in you building up stress levels. There are two types of personalities, "Type A", for example, are people that like to rush, get things completed fast, no time for breaks, and are driven with self-esteem. Studies have shown that with these type of personality not controlled right can lead to stress related effects. The other type personality, "Type B", on the other hand is more relax with how they do things, less time conscious and is also very well driven. Type B, obvious healthier for being stress prone because they view things more, taking time on what in front of them. Type B will have better ways in dealing with different situations. (How Stuff Works, n.d.) In health relations to this two types of personalities, is often that "type A" personal have a better chance of having a serious cardiac problem, leading to future heart attacks.My personality is the "type B" class because honestly, I hate being rushed or trying to make someone else happy, and it leads to bad health for me. I'm the guy that is responsible, honest, and will get the task done on time, but if I start rushing, and stressing out about the task at hand I will slow it down a little. All my friends say that I am a relaxed kind of person, which avoids stress at all costs. Currently, I am attending college, and with that can come a bunch of stress relations that could eventually occur, as being a student. The techniques I used to help me through stressful times at college, especially finals week is to first, to always breathe, be organized, and remember to take study breaks because the brain can only retain so much at once for studying. I can go on for ever about the things I do to prevent stress upon me, it just comes naturally as personality type is a huge factor.The Consequences of stressThe consequences of stress can be alerting to some people that have not experienced it before. When the body is affected by stress, many physiological changes happened that you might not come to realize, in some peoples eyes its common sense. There are positive and negative stressors when it comes to consequences of stress, the positive could be, fight-to-fight response,...

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