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Comp Sci As Essay

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What is the format of an IP address?
1. 4 bytes
2. First 2 – network address
3. Second 2 – host address
How is an IP address associated with a device on a network?
1. IP address specifically or automatically assigned
2. Each device has own private IP address
What is the difference between a public IP address and a private IP address?
1. Public – dynamic (changes each time device connects to internet) or static (doesn’t change because used for hosting web pages or services)
2. Private – assigned on LANs (automatically or chosen by LAN administrator) and are static; able to change, but rarely.
What are a URL, IP address, and a DNS? Why are they important?
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Bit rates go up when resolution goes up because more data is processed
How do communications systems like PSTN, dedicated lines, and cell phone networks support the internet?
1. PSTN (Public Service Telephone Network) furnishes most of internet’s long distance infrastructure
2. Dedicated lines –
3. Cell phone service providers offer broadband internet access services
Diagram illustrating hardware like networks, routers, gateways, and servers support the internet

Why would data from a database be accessed using server-side scripting?
1. Server-side scripting sends pages to the client; allows user to use data for calculations or generate reports (?)
Describe the sequence of events executed by the client computer and web server when a web page with client-side embedded code is requested and displayed by a browser
1. User requests web page from server
2. Server finds page and sends to user
3. Page is displayed on browser with any scripts running during/after page is displayed
4. **Allows user to interact with page**
Describe the sequence of events executed by the client computer and web server when a web page with server-side embedded code is requested and displayed by a browser
1. User requests web page from server
2. Script in page interpreted by server; page content is changed/created to suit the user
3. Page is displayed in its final form
What is the internet?
1. Global system of interconnected networks to link devices worldwide
What is a browser?
1. Browser that allows user to access the internet
What is cloud computing?
1. Using remote servers to store/manage data
Define hardware
1. Physical components of a computer system
Define software
1. Computer programs that provide instructions for telling the computer what to do and how
What is the difference between primary storage and secondary storage?
1. Secondary storage not directly accessible by CPU
Why do we need primary and secondary storage?
1. To directly access data from the CPU and have backup storage
What is the difference between RAM and ROM? What does RAM stand for? ROM?
1. RAM – volatile and can be edited
2. ROM – non-volatile and can only be viewed
What does volatile mean? Is RAM or ROM volatile?
1. Volatile – content can be lost after computer shut down
2. RAM is volatile
Explain the difference between SRAM and DRAM
1. SRAM doesn’t need to be constantly refreshed to retain memory unlike DRAM where contents can be lost if not refreshed
Describe the stages of the fetch-execute cycle
1. Fetch program instructions from memory
2. Decodes instruction’s actions
3. Executes action/instruction
Register transfer notation

Describe how interrupts are handled
1. Interrupt – signal telling computer to pause current task and prioritize the needed information
2. Storing all current instructions in play into a stack and when it has completed the process it will return...

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