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Comp Paper

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Crystal Estell
Assignment 2.2

Abortion is one of the most controversial moral issues of our age. Although pro-choice and pro-life arguments centering on the morality of the issue are already well stated, the other more practical arguments on this subject have been underreported.
I. What is an abortion?
A. Why would a person decide to abort?
1. Is it right to be pro-life or pro-choice and then why.
2. Who should make this decision?
B. Should the government be involved or should this be only the decision of one person?
1. Should the law protect the ones that cannot speak up for him or herself?
2. Or should the law be kept out completely and leave it up to the ...view middle of the document...

How many abortions are done in the US in a year, month, and day?
2. How many are done worldwide?
III. America, the land of freedom, therefore should there be the free choice even for abortion?
A. What are the risks of having an abortion?
1. What are the possible complications of having an abortion?
2. What are the possible side effects during and after having an abortion?
B. How are abortions done? What kind of procedures are there?
1. An abortion is legal until the birthday of a baby, something that many are unware of.
2. There are many different ways of having an abortion and many of them depend on how far the women is in her pregnancy
IV. When does a human life begin? Who truly decides when this life begins?
A. This a very controversial question?
1. The question can be seen from many different aspects and these include for example. The philosophical prospective or a person’s religious belief.
2. So how can we define human life? Can we even do that? Can we measure when a human life begins?
B. When a person becomes a person?
1. Does it start with an egg and the sperm, a cell, a fetus, or at the day of birth.
It seems to be that one is either completely pro-life or some variation of pro-choice. Based on that assumption the best options seem to be compromise of a pro-choice law with “reasonable” restrictions for example: a time restriction, age of the mother, circumstances of conception and the health of the mother and baby.
We found issues of morality to be a very touchy subject and nearly impossible to tackle in an “ideal” situation if would be of the best interest to set morality aside.

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