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Community Teaching Pamphlet Essay

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1.Please give an example of primary prevention, secondary prevention and tertiary prevention.
Primary prevention- Ex- a patient getting their yearly mammogram to detect breast cancer or getting the immunizations.
Secondary prevention – Ex a patient getting treatment for an illness (hypertension.)
Tertiary prevention- EX is a patient gets care to prevent further progression of a disease like rehab.
2. Give examples of how a nurse would commit the following crimes: Negligence, breach of confidentiality, assault, battery.
Negligence- Ex is failing to monitor the patient, improper medication administration and failing to provide a change in patient status.
Breach of confidentiality- ...view middle of the document...

What precautions should the nurse take for the client with rubella?
* Obtain an order for measles vaccine
* W Make sure to limit visitors ( No visitors who are not vaccinated )
* Wash hand thoroughly.
* ear mask if coming in contact to prevent spread( Isolation precautions)

What precautions should be taken with the client who has Vancomycin resistant enterococcus (VRE)?
* Wear gloves
* Contact precautions and proper hand hygience
7. What are ways the nurse can prevent client falls?
* Bed locked in lowest position, At least tow side rails up at all times, have patients wear slip resistant socks, if needed set up a bed alarm and have the patient wear the fall risk bracelet.

8. What are factors that can affect learning the nurse should consider when providing client education?
* Level of education of the patient
* If the patient has any hearing or learning disabilities
* Alzheimer’s
* Language barriers
9. What are some physical changes related to aging that the nurse should be aware of?
* Fragile skin, decreased vision and hearing, loss of balance, incontinence.
10. What are some spiritual rituals and observations for the following religions that the nurse should be aware of?
Hinduism: The family of a dying Hindu will remain in the bedside to place holy water in their lips. Hindus avoid meat. Female modesty
Buddhism: Accepts modern medical science. Sometime refuse treatment in holy days
Islam: Female modesty. Uses faith healing. Has a fatalistic view of health.
Judaism: Female modesty. God and medicine have a balance.
Christianity: Often refuse medical intervention believing...

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