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Community Survey Essay

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Community Survey Project
Tiffany Pabon & Zobaida Hossain
March 7, 2016

P.S. 064 Joseph P. Addabbo Elementary School
Address: | 82-01 101 AVENUEQUEENS, NY 11416 |
Phone: | 718-845-8290 |
Student Enrollment: | 671 |
Grades Served: | 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 0K, SE |
Parent Coordinator: | Ines Gronda |
PA President: | Homawattie Habib |
Police Precinct: | 102 |

Guiding Questions:
1. Brief description of the community from documents researched. What is the cultural and linguistic representation of the community? If this information is not found on the Internet, from your observations, what culture/language do you ...view middle of the document...

Describe the surrounding housing, street, sanitary conditions.

There are multi-dwellings and private houses, the streets are well kept and there is a high level of maintenance displayed in the Ozone community. The streets are mostly clean with a few exceptions here and there. It seems like a very quiet neighborhood.

5. What are the closest means of transportation to arrive at the school?

The Q24 bus runs down the main ave. The bus stops are very close by the school. Walk a little bit further and you can find the A train which can take you directly to Manhattan, the airport, and the beach. A few blocks down and you can find the City Line Car service which provides taxi service to everyone in the neighborhood.

6. What are the religious institutions? Does this area have a historical significance?

We heard the Azan coming out of a Mosque near by. We could also hear church bells. This community is definitely religiously active.

Revival Time Assembly - Church

7. What are the civic, social service organizations? Where are they located?

The couple of social service organizations in the area are the Ferrini Welfare League organization located at 10141 91st St, Ozone Park, NY 11416. There is also the American Legion Veterans and Military Organization located at 9111 101st Ave, Ozone Park, NY 11416.

Day care near by

8. What restaurants exist? Do they reflect the diverse makeup of the community? Do they provide healthy food options to the youth?

The restaurants that do exist around the community are Pollo Inka a Peruvian Restaurants, a Mexican Cuisine Restaurant, Ozone Pizzeria and a Chinese Fun 1 Chinese Restaurant. These restaurants do not provide healthy food options for the young they mostly serve deep fried and fatty food. These restaurants reflect on mostly the hispanic part of the community and not as much as the Chinese community. There definitely isn’t a presence of a gentrified neighborhood. There aren’t any vegan shops, no bakeries, no starbucks near by. The shops in the neighborhood are tailored to the needs of the community and are an accurate representation of the community.

9. Are there any distinguishing features in the streets of the community (landmarks, museums, special street names)? What are they?

There are no distinguishing features. In fact this location lacks art. There are no school murals or sculptures. The park is however very clean and well kept. Two repairmen were making repairs to the swing set.

10. What other community resources are present? Do they reflect the diverse makeup of the community? Do you hear other languages spoken or on billboards, placards, store fronts, etc.?

We heard several people speaking bengali and many others speaking spanish. We walked down the main road and found signs written in both Bengali, English, Chinese, and Spanish. There were several bengali grocery stores and ethnic restaurants nearby. Sylhet Pharmacy is a Bengali pharmacy highly...

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