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Community Profile Presentation Essay

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Ethics and Social Responsibility
University of Phoenix
Ethics Essay
As far back as one can remember, philosophers have debated the human condition of what is good, what is evil, what makes the individual moral, and how ethics balance with virtue as a means for the actualization of the individual. Virtue, for many, becomes the theory for the way individuals should follow morality to, eventually become the best person we can be. Part of being an understanding human, for instance, is distinguishing the difference from right and wrong. Making that distinct individualized decision; we have contemplated our own humanity to make something real.

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As for utilitarianism, the focus is on outcomes, or the ends of an action; in deontology the actions themselves must be ethical and moral, or the outcome is debatable. Deontology argues that there are norms and truths that are universal for all humans; actions then predisposition to right or wrong, moral or immoral. Kant believed that humans should act at all times, as if their individual actions would have consequences for all of society. Morality then is based on rational thought and is the direction most humans essentially want. Basically, deontology is “the means justify the ends” (Kamm, 2007).

Personal Example

In 2010, I was actively involved in a situation in which my hometown of Georgia was faced with a budget cut in the school system that would require the elementary school that my grandchildren went since they started going to school, would be closing down, and students to be bused to another school. Looking at it logically, we can find both pro and con arguments:

Pro Closure:

• Tax revenues from the area do not support the school remaining open for all grades

• There is still a school, still community involvement, and still a presence; only a few grades with very few students were affected. (We met with City Council to keep the grade school open)


• Community taxes should remain funding...

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