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Community Health Essay

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Community Health Nursing
Ashley Dalton
Community Health Practice
April 4, 2014

The community diagnosis done in this paper is for children affected by malnutrition in America. Malnutrition results from a diet which is lacking in nutrients and it affects children most because they are in great need of the right amount of nutrients in their growing years. Malnutrition is also associated with rich diet lacking in nutrients which is the case with many of the developed countries of the world. It is important to maintain health standards in world’s one of the most developed country like America. Malnutrition can result into a number of nutrition disorders which include abundance or ...view middle of the document...

Malnutrition is not always associated with poverty or starving conditions it can also result from eating food lacking in nutrients which is sometimes the case of obese people in developed countries (Schaible U. E., & Kaufmann, 2010). The community discussed in this paper however, includes children who are undernourished rather than over nourished. There are federal nutrition programs started by the federal government to fulfill the basic supply of food for all the children across America but still the problem of malnutrition exists even when most of the children are provided with the basic supplies of daily diets. Malnutrition greatly affects the child’s overall development, physical and mental growth and the future of the generation (Walker, Christopher Duggan, John B., Watkins, & W. Allan, 2008).
Malnutrition has most severely affected the children and because they consistently need nutritious food during their growing years. It has many long term consequences and is also associated with elevating the chances of getting other diseases. The immunity decreases because of malnutrition and thus it has an overall devastating effect on the health and future of the children. According to the USDA which is United States Department of agriculture there are over 15.8 million children affected by malnutrition which are under the age of 18 (Waters, H. R., Penny, M. E., R. C., Narro R., Willis J., Caulfield L. E., & Black, 2008). Almost 20% of the population of children lives in conditions of improper food supply and insecurity. Although there are programs by the federal government and other agencies yet the problem is not totally solved.
By the estimates from the year 2012, the findings of USDA, United States Department of Agriculture there are almost 15. 8 million households which live in food insecurities and the children living in them are under the grave threat of malnutrition. The child population within 37 states of America lives under threat of malnutrition according to the recent data available by the statistics. These comprise about 20% aggregate of population below the age of 18. According to statistics the highest cases of malnutrition are reported in the District of Columbia and New Mexico where about 30% of children are suffering from malnutrition. This is also connected with the population of America which lives in poverty (Schaible U. E., & Kaufmann, 2010). According to estimated findings of 2012, there was a total population of 16.2 million which accounts for approximately 22% children living in poverty and hence are in high risk of developing malnutrition.
According to the estimates of 2012, the five states ranked highest in food insecurity were New Mexico, District of Columbia, Georgia, Oregon and Arizona. While the five states recognized as most food secured states were Virginia, Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota, and Massachusetts. These findings reveal the states with maximum chances of malnourished...

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