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Community Corrections Essay

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Dominque Garland
Community Corrections Paper
CJS/230 Introduction to Corrections
September, 2014

In this paper, the information will be used to determine what community corrections are, how community corrections affect society. After this, a description of the foreign country prison system will be evaluated. This is important for the criminal justice process because the system of prisons was based on the English ideas for punishing prisoners. It is extremely important that people understand the history of corrections as a whole in order to grasp the concept of the jail and prison system. This paper will conclude with an outline of what I might do if I were in charge of recommending ...view middle of the document...

Kirkholt Burglary Prevention project does not just consist of the counseling for the juvenile, but also for the family. It consist of a time frame of three months with about 8 to 12 one hour sessions, but can be as many as 30 sessions. It depends on the severity of the case.
The purpose of community corrections is cost effective against crime. In Australia, it cost the taxpayer’s 2009-2010 $2.9 billion in jail costs. Whereas, the approximate cost for community corrections were $400 million during the same period of time. Those who completed the programs of drug treatment, community service and house arrest with behavior modification skills managed to stay on top. The recidivism rate was low. According to Greg Barns (2011), the Productivity Commission reported that nearly 72% of those who completed community corrections successfully. Included in that total, were individuals who had an extensive record of reoffending. The program and treatment were was over a 12 month to 2 year period.
The United States is one of the countries that has allowed juvenile offenders to receive life without the possibility of parole. There are a few other countries that will allow the stiff sentence, but there have not been but a few to impose the sentence on juveniles. In fact, according to the University of San Francisco (USF) School of Law (2012), in Europe, the maximum sentence for youth offenders is typically less than 25 years for any crime. Some countries rectified their laws to prohibit the sentence of life without parole on any juvenile offenders. However human rights activists showed that South Africa and Tanzania have juvenile serving such sentences as life without parole. While on the other hand, Burkina Fasco and Kenya support the laws of having children serving life without the possibility of parole, but they do not have children serving such harsh sentences. In many cases, the president of the country has the ability to set the punishment for the offender. In Iran, prisoners are executed for adultery and sodomy. In other areas, they are executed for economic offenses, such as embezzlement and corruption of a public officials.
England and Wales has the laws which allows for prisoner’s release halfway through their sentence. They are not released early if they pose a threat to society. A tariff period is when the offender has met the mandatory...

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