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Running head: The difference in our culture

The difference in a white and black culture

Billy Dixon

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As a child growing up and into my adulthood, I have had the privilege of living in different places. I have lived in several major cities throughout the U.S. and have made friends from different countries, which are Africans, Mexicans, and Canadians. I moved from Georgia when I was nine, and I have lived in the rural of Texas ...view middle of the document...

Some people like to have costume parties and make creative Halloween-themed food. Halloween traditions are fun and exciting for kids and families, and are good way to preserve childhood memories. It is tradition for every family to gathers together for a very special day in America’s heritage and culture.
Another important holiday is Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day, celebrated on the fourth Thursday for the U.S. This day is full of thanks and is used to give thanks for all that they have been blessed with by saying grace. On Thanksgiving Day families will usually eat the traditional thanksgiving dinner. This usually includes Turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy and all of the fine trimmings. It is a special dinner were each family gets the chance to reunite all together and have this dinner with there loved ones. Thanksgiving Day is a time of family reflection from those who come from far and wide to be with their siblings, relatives, and hold memories of those who have past away faithfully. In Texas I remember the city and town parades and all the festivities that followed. The hilarity and pandemonium; you can’t dream such of thing when it came to expressing gratitude by welcoming this day into our hearts. In Colombia unfortunately there is no such thing as Thanksgiving Day; it is only an American tradition which is nice for the family to enjoy a dinner all together.
Celebration of holidays within a culture

The difference between a white and black culture

The next holiday we celebrate and observe is Christmas. Christmas has been an annual holiday since the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. This Holiday is celebrated on December 25th to commemorate the occasion. The Christmas season in my hometown was always celebrated by singing Christmas carols, reciting poems, speeches, and lighting candles on a wreathe while reading bible verses. We always had a Christmas Eve night service to honor the night leading to the birth of Christ Jesus. Other ways we showed our love and support of this major holiday was decorating our homes and yards with Christmas lights and putting up a live Christmas tree. To the Christians, Christmas and Easter are considered the two most important holidays of the year, because Christmas commemorates Jesus birth and Easter remembers his death and resurrection.
Another fun day of kisses is Valentine’s Day which is observed on February 14 each year. It is basically a holiday for lovers and close acquaintances. This day is celebrated by symbols; like the heart colored in red or pink, and pictures of cupid a small winged figure with his bow and arrow. People give cards; go to dinner and movies to combine for a festival of romantic plans. Couples like stay in romantic hotels, give gifts usually lavish gifts like rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Some people send dozens of roses and a box of chocolate...

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