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Community Assessment Of Ankorcha Community Essay

5472 words - 22 pages

Addis Ababa University
School of Social Work

Community Assessment Report

Community: ANKORCHA

By: Genene Yilma
Yohannes Feyyisa
Melsew Kibret
Melese Yirga
Mengistie Tegenie
Feyisa Negashu
Mussie Atlabachew
Zebib Nesru

Submitted to : Wassie Kebede(PhD)


Table of Contents


IGA – Income Generating Activities
KII- Key Informant Interview
FGD- Focus Group ...view middle of the document...

3.1.2. Focus Group Discussion (FGD) - Two groups, male and female, comprising 13 members each, were selected to discuss on the questions formulated.
3.1.3. Observation: we conducted observation by walking in most parts/ villages of Ankorcha in two groups. The observation we made was assisted by checklist prepared ahead. During the process, we took pictures of some of the community’s resources, assets and building blocks.
3.1.4. Document review: Periodical reports in wereda 10 offices that inform about the Ankorcha community profile and development efforts were reviewed by the from the GIS found in the wereda administration office.

3. The Assessment Procedure
4.1. Action plan and Division of roles
From the very commencement, we have held a meeting with the group members on how to carry out the community assessment. At this point a group leader and a treasury were appointed. Then we proceed to the preparation of an action plan that clearly depicts all the activities which should take place throughout the assessment process. The action plan depicts what should be done, who should do what and when it should be done. At this point, group members contributed some amount of money and given to the treasury so that the members could spend it for their expenses such as transportation, photocopy, lunch and others throughout the assessment. At the end of our discussion, each member was given the assignment to identify a community for investigation and come up with justification for considering that specific community for the next meeting. The following day, we identified our target population and made a thorough discussion on how to proceed to the next step.

4.2. Pre assessment field visit
After completing the action plan and other prior activities, three individuals were given the responsibility to carry out a pre assessment visit to the site where the target population is located. Those group members then made the field visit, met government officials, held discussions which helped to get entry information and made all the arrangements for the upcoming meeting which would be held with the key informants, community leaders, residents and others who were thought to be providing essential information about the community under consideration. During the same day they succeeded in reviewing some documents such as annual reports, ‘one to five’ network and the woreda profile. Based on the information gathered from the pre assessment visit, method of data collection were chosen and data gathering tools for Key Informant Interview, FGD and observation questionnaires were developed by two of the group members and thorough discussion was made on it the following day. After making all the required improvements and elaborations on the data collection tools, we identified resources/facilities we required such as photo camera and other utilities for undertaking the assessment. Then all the group members moved to the...

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