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Community And Problem Solving Policing Essay

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Nina Tubbs

In 1988, the National Institute of Justice and Harvard produced a series of monographs. These monographs discussed community policing, problem-oriented policing, police values, and corporate strategies of policing. Corporate strategies for policing are presently guiding U.S. policing in strategic policing, community policing, and problem-solving policing. Strategic policing involves a continued reliance on traditional police operations, but with an increased emphasis on crimes that are not generally well controlled by traditional policing. Strategic policing also represents an advanced stage of traditional policing using innovative enforcement techniques. Community ...view middle of the document...

The problem-oriented policing strategy consists of four distinct parts: scanning, analysis, response, and assessment this is also known as SARA. In the scanning process, groups of officers discus incidents as “problems” instead of as specific incidents and criminal law concepts. After defining the problem, officers begin analysis. They collect information from a variety of sources then officers then use the information to discover the underlying nature of the problem, its causes, and options for solutions. After scanning and analysis, the police begin response. They work with citizens, business owners, and public and private agencies to prepare a program of action suitable to the specifics of the particular problem. After the police make their response to the problem they evaluate the effectiveness of the response. They may use the results to revise the response, collect more data, or even to redefine the problem. Problem-oriented policing involves officers’ thinking, not just responding to yet another call for duty. It involves officers dealing with the underlying causes of incidents to prevent those incidents from happening again, and it involves officers’ using all sources, not only police department sources, to deal with problems. The concepts of community policing and problem-solving policing have merged in the past decade and can generally be looked at as one philosophy. Community policing is based on the notion that citizens should be empowered to prevent crime or the problems that lead to crime. Establishing and maintaining mutual trust is therefore the central goal of community policing, as it allows wide law enforcement access to valuable community information leading potentially to the prevention and resolution of crimes. The partnerships formed in support of community crime prevention efforts can also provide a framework for engaging citizens to help police identify possible terrorist threats and infrastructure vulnerabilities. Effective community policing involves not only developing partnerships between law enforcement and citizens, however, but also intergovernmental and interagency collaborations with state and federal agencies. These partnerships are essential for the collection and exchange of intelligence, the identification of threats and vulnerabilities, and the sharing of resources in the event of an attack. As reports of overall crime rate decreases hit the presses in the mid- and late 1990s, some police officials associated this decrease to closer relationships with their communities through community policing, as well as the addition of new community policing officers. The main focus of...

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