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Communications Outline

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Final Paper Outline
COM 425: Communication in Organizations
Instructors Name
September 01, 2013

I. Introduction
A. Thesis Statement
Efficient structural connection will lead to powerful solidarity and the proficiency for workers at all grades of the company to work simultaneously to accomplish business goals. Productive organizational connections will supply workers the information, organization and affirmative work atmosphere they require to seem at ease when handling confrontation and settling matters effectively.

II. Body Paragraph #1 – Topic Sentence #1 (Active Listening)
Communication is a process where we share our feelings, thoughts, experience, ideas, ...view middle of the document...

B. Explanation
Depending on where you come from, your ideas of what is important will be different from the person you are talking to.

C. So What?
Every company has its exclusive methods of functioning which often assists to its culture. The faiths, ideologies, morals and standards of a company pattern its culture. The society of the workplace dictates the way workers act amidst themselves as well as with persons separate from the company.

IV. Body Paragraph #5 – Topic Sentence #3 (Conflict Resolution)
Conflict in the workplace is common and at times unavoidable, but it can be resolved rationally and effectively.

A. Supporting Evidence
1. “The overall ability of a company to solve problems through collaborative efforts, has a strong impact on the organization’s bottom line and overall success” (Kemp-Longmore, 2000).

B. Explanation
Conflict will occur at some point inside the workplace, but that does not mean it is a bad thing. If handled properly it can lead to growth, within yourself and within the company.

C. So What?
If conflict is not controlled well, the outcomes can be destructive. Differing goals can swiftly turn into individual distaste. Solidarity falls apart and talent is thrown away as people separate from their work. And it is easy to end up in a malicious downhill spiral of negativity and blame.

V. Body Paragraph #1 – Topic Sentence #4 (Leadership Strategies)
Leaders groundwork their conclusions and activities on their convictions and standards, and attempt to deliver their comprehending of a yearned image with others within the company.

A. Supporting Evidence
1. “Most organizations devote serious time and resources to developing a business
strategy that will help them build and sustain a competitive advantage.” (Hughes & Beatty, 2005).

B. Explanation
The most significant facets of strategic leadership are distributed standards and a clear idea both of which will endow and permit workers to make conclusions with minor prescribed supervising or control devices.

C. So What?
Every person in charge is mindful of the worth of a distinct enterprise strategy. Little, although, give consideration to the authority that will be needed to apply schemes that call for adjustments in the course or competences of the business. Without correct authority, even the...

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