Communications Of The Past And The Present

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Communication of the Past and the Present

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Communication of the Past and the Present

"Regardless of the changes in technology, the market for well-crafted messages will always have an audience."— Steve Burnett. How amazing is today’s advanced communication compared to communication of the past? From the beginning of time, as a species, we have learned how to communicate. New concepts of communication are still being introduced every day. Even though there are many different ways we communicate, the traditional ways are still practiced, with a slight enhancement.

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Writing is also a form of communication. The ways we write allows the person reading the material to know how you are feeling when the writer expresses his ideas through the use of choice words and punctuation.
While many of lines of communication remain similar, there are quite a few modernizations. For instance, writing has been taken to a completely new level. It is not just pen and paper anymore. These days we are able to relay messages almost instantly. Electronic mail, abbreviated and better known as e-mail, has expanded the way we receive messages. Texting is another form of instant messaging through the mobile telephone. Yahoo, MSN, Skype, Facebook, and more recently, Twitter are a smattering of hosts that provide instant messaging applications. Another difference lies in our person-person or face-face communication. It is no longer necessary to be physically in front of one another to have a face to face conversation. With a nifty little device called the webcam we are able to talk to other people “face to face”.
With so many new breakthroughs in technology affecting the way we communicate, I have to wonder; are we deceiving ourselves, thinking we are advancing, or are we really on the path to limitless possibilities when it comes to how we communicate? There are countless advantages to today’s communication. One example I find very beneficial is the speed at which we can retrieve or relay a message. Here is a scenario; you are making dinner and the recipe calls for butter. You realize you do not have any more butter! You already have a pot boiling on the stove. What do you do?! Turn everything off and start all over again when you return from the store? Who wants to do that?! Oh wait! And a light bulb goes off in your head. Your spouse is on their way home. You decide to call asking if they would not mind stopping by the grocery store to pick up a stick of butter. Whew! Relieved you are able to go back to concentrating on the rest of the recipe. I know there are many people that can relate to that story. Mobility is truly a way of life in our fast paced society. How about snail mail? Even though snail mail is not extinct, it is somewhat satisfying to know that we can save paper and money by simply sending an email; there is no need to buy stamps. Or perhaps a military spouse would love to be able to have an intimate conversation physically face-face but their loved one is halfway around the world. Video and live web cam gifts them the opportunity to not only hear their loved ones, but also to see them.
While there is much “Yang” to advanced communication, it does not come without “Yin”. With so many options available we have learned to take so many shortcuts in how we communicate. It is less formal and intimate. There is, in some cases, a disconnection. I have fallen into that category. I am guilty because I have caught myself texting my daughter to do something while she was only in the other room of our home. I have done this...

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