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Communications And Collaborations Strategy Essay

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper
February 7,2011

Communication and Collaboration Strategy Paper
There are at least eight different learning styles, according to Howard Gardner. One of the learning styles is called Verbal-Linguistic. This learning style is basically having the ability to communicate by speaking, listening or reading. I believe everyone possesses this learning style to a certain degree. Most of us communicate through speech and listening to one another. This is where the separation begins. Some of our communication skills are more enhanced than others. Some of us might learn better by just reading the text, rather than sitting in class and listening ...view middle of the document...

This learning style helps to build and maintain long lasting relationships. Every group should have at least one person with this learning style because that particular person would be the “glue” that help keeps the group together.
I believe the Verbal-Linguistic, the Bodily-Kinesthetic and the Interpersonal learning styles can be a very effective form of communication when combined. Communication can be completely understood when people are listening and speaking while using their hands. Some people actually use their hands when they talk in order to get their point across or to give the person a visual picture. The Interpersonal learning style is very effective when combined with the two learning styles mentioned earlier because a person who has developed this learning style, can sense when a person they are trying to communicate with is not understanding the information. A person with this learning style is able to notice the change in moods and is able to compromise when an agreement cannot be met.
One of the different personality types is the Thinker. The Thinker is able to solve problems and look for ways to eliminate un-needed steps when a job needs to be completed. The Thinker will step back and analyze a problem before tackling it without a game plan. Another personality type is the Organizer. The Organizer will have everything planned out and organized without clutter. The Organizer will be efficient and have everything structured, so that nothing will be complicated and hard to understand. The Organizer has a sense of timing as well. The Organizer will always be on time, because being on time also reflects on the individual and says a...

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