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Communications And Collaboration Paper

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Strategies for effective communication and collaboration
GEN 200
April 5, 2011

Strategies for effective communication and collaboration

Webster’s dictionary defines communications as “sending, giving, or exchanging information and ideas,” which is often expressed nonverbally and verbally. Nonverbal communication is the act of speaking without using words. Body language, facial expressions and general appearance, reveals the true inner feelings of people. Verbal communication involves using words and the tone and inflections of the voice can tell the mood a person is in. Collaboration is the process in which two or more people work together to realize a shared goal. The ...view middle of the document...

They will be utilized as teachers or facilitators for all team sessions on projects. Showing respect for their ability is a good strategy to make them feel appreciated. Stress is an inevitable element in human life. Bodily Kinesthetic intelligent people are essential for stress relief. They keep calm under pressure and connect the mind and body to function as one. A person with this learning style is definitely a plus for the team especially in our current circumstances in which everyone in the group works full time and has to wear many hats to succeed in this course. To obtain the most out of the bodily kinesthetic intelligent person, the group will throw scenarios at him and learn from how he handles them.
Perhaps the most difficult aspect of teamwork is dealing with different personalities. Our cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, coupled with values, norms, and beliefs picked up from upbringing, poses big challenges when we have to work with other people. Making the effort to understand and respect the other person’s view or perspective is the key to success during group activity. Myers-Briggs personality spectrum is broken down into four groups. Organizers can be likened to be the gel for the group. They coordinate, channel, and circulate information among team members. They are always on top on things and ensure that logistics, agendas, and team members are kept informed. Team members have to understand, respect, and respond to their demands promptly to make them efficient. The organizer would also have to understand not to overextend here authority and appear bossy or rude. Thinkers are super smart people. They are essential to the team because they bring new and simpler ways to...

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