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Communication – writers to readers

In order for writers to communicate with their readers, they use different language in a way that links to their specific audience. For example, a news journalist will use different language to what a beauty magazine journalist will use. Using different language can affect many different aspects, such as creating a relationship and influencing their readers. The writer must also adapt his/her style, tone and clarity to the reading audience to ensure they communicate well.
One way language is used to affect the audience, is the formality of it. The formality of language should match the formality of the situation and the relationship between the writer ...view middle of the document...

For example, an author would write in a very different way if he/she was writing for a children’s book than for an adult novel. You would use smaller words and simpler concepts, whereas in an adult novel you’d use interesting vocabulary and a hooking, and sometimes purposely complex, storyline. One way an author will use language will be to communicate tone through text. Diction and Imagery can be used to do this. For Imagery, the author uses sensory words or phrases to create a visual image in the readers head, to emphasise the tone. Diction is the type of vocabulary or word usage an author will use to deliver a certain type of connotation to the sentence. For example, for “hold”, you could use incarcerate (negative) or protect (positive). The meaning of the word is almost changed, and therefore the tone is changed. Authors can also use lots of interesting adjectives to create vivid places and scenes and also believable, touching characters. This would draw the reader in and make them feel as part of the story. Many other language devices authors would use, such as similes, metaphors, personification etc. would have the same effect. All this would create a relationship between the writer and reader because of how the writing would make the reader feel, plus if the reader enjoyed the novel, they would want to buy another book from that author.
A news journalist would use language in a different way. Each journalist would have their own way of writing, but would have to understand that their main task is to help people understand what’s happening around them, be it, in their own town, country or/and in the world. Most readers will not have the same knowledge of language, so the writer would have to simplify it for them and translate events and complicated issues into language that the audience can understand. They would have to incorporate this into their own way of writing to produce a successful news article. Journalists make sure they provide the maximum amount of understanding with the minimum risk of confusion, and to do this, they keep sentences, short, sharp and clear. Sentence...

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