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Communication Theory Essay

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Communication Theory
Sharron foster

Communication Theory

When working in an organization such as a hospital, effective communication is the key aspect concerning the care of patients involved. As in any healthcare organization everyone faces challenges with communication. Because of the gender differences, cultural differences, and the inability to communicate effectively, there may be some problems with communicating. Circumstances such as these could affect how certain tasks are completed and how well employees, patients, and family members interact. To understand some of the challenges facing the hospital, in accordance with ...view middle of the document...

When working with male employees, a female patient may feel uncomfortable. Male employees working in the hospital not only may feel uncomfortable with female patients, he may also feel uncomfortable with female employees.
Cultural Differences
Communicating effectively with people from different cultures is often a challenge. Miscommunication is likely to happen especially when there are significant cultural differences between communicators. Cultural approaches or communication are not always applied in food faith, but may serve a variety of motives. Working is a hospital cultural differences will occur, affecting how patients, employees, families, and managers communicate with each other. Some of the issues of cultural differences could be different language, speaking with broken English, speaking with an accent which may be hard to understand. (Axia, 2012). Cultural differences can lead to miscommunication between a patient and his or her care providers (Juan, 2009). The hospital does have employees who can interpret different languages. Communication is very important when it comes to billing, treatment and trust.
The only improvement I can foresee is communication. This is not a big problem that cannot be resolved. Meetings are held monthly between the managers and employees. These meetings are set to help...

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