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Communication Style Scenario Essay

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Communication Style
Scenario Analysis

Evelina Grigorian
Professor Horowitz
HCS 350
3 June 2014
Scenario #1

In the scenario from checkpoint 8-4 from Clinical Delegation Skills, Rashad, a nurses aid, was very wrongly degraded and yelled at by the registered nurse. The belittling attitude that the nurse had with the aid was unacceptable, and very unprofessional. The nurse’s choice of communication style was aggressive, while Rashad responded immediately in a passive way, by not speaking up or acting in his defense against her actions. However, internally Rashad wanted to plan a way to get the nurse back, and mentally planned to not “do anything without being ...view middle of the document...

283). This obviously was a bigger work-load than intended for Pamela, and in fact, was not even her initial responsibility. Because she chose to use a passive communication style, Pamela was stuck with work that was not initially hers, without the assistance of another person. Even if the actual work was not difficult, it definitely pushes apart her time for other things that she had to do, since the re-tests were not on her schedule initially. If only she had spoken to Brigite about the results, or the method she used for the tests, perhaps the extra work could have been avoided. It did not have to be a mean altercation, but just a clear up of a misunderstanding. That way, if it was a mistake, Brigite would use it as a learning opportunity, and assist Pamela in the re-tests, if not re-do them herself, allowing for more practice for Brigite, and more time for Pamela to do the previously planned things.

Scenario # 3

In this scenario, Rosa, the manager of an ambulatory care center, appropriately spoke to her surgical technician, Mabel, regarding Mabel’s not wanting to clean some of the equipment, due to it being physically demanding (Hansten & Jackson, 2009, p. 283). Instead of screaming and degrading Mabel, Rosa calmly and professionally explained that it is important to work as a team, and that, in fact, cleaning the equipment was a part of her job description. At this, Mabel got aggressive, and started threatening Rosa, and being rude and unprofessional, claiming she was the “granddaughter of the chairman of the board” (Hansten & Jackson, 2009, p. 283). Mabels aggressive style has no place in a professional setting, especially in the healthcare field. There are certain job descritpions and expectations with every position, and if one is to argue and yell ones way out of those responsibilities, then one has no need ot hold that position in the first place. Rosa, on the other hand, had an assertive style, reminding Mabel of her job and that it is only asked of her to keep everyone working together, to benefit the patients. This type of communication style is the more correct, because it does not belittle, overly emphasize, or undermine another person, but simply states facts and explains the reasoning behind...

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