Communication Style Case Study

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Communication Style Case Study

Effective communication is essential in building trust, respect, and creating an environment where ideas and problem solving take place. There was a survey done in a study showing 79% of the participants indicated that workplace respect was seriously lacking in the United States. The participants commented that if people communicated respectfully to each other, like they do their patients, there would be an increase in workplace satisfaction (Hansten & Jackson, 2009). There are three case studies, which will be analyzed by identifying passive, assertive, aggressive, and passive-aggressive communication styles. A personal senerio will be included ...view middle of the document...

I do not think we should feed him until he has a swallowing evaluation. The nurse replied with a sharp tone, “I told you I want you to feed him.” “Do not question me when I tell you to do something.” “I am the nurse not you and I know more about the patient.”
I was confronted by the nurse’s aide shortly after the incident. The aide gave me her side of the story and a few minutes later without me even needing to confront the nurse, she had come to me to report her side of the story. I talked with them individually. The result of the conflict was a misunderstanding by the RN. The RN apologized to the aide, and the aide responded back saying she was not trying to be disrespectful, but was thinking of the safety of the patient. When I talked with the RN I mentioned her tone of voice and demands were disrespectful and aggressive towards the aide. The RN replied, “I know I probably sounded demanding, but I am the nurse and did not like the aide telling me what to do.”
After thinking about this scenario, next time instead of talking to them individually and trying to solve their conflict I would bring them together to discuss what they were communicating. At this point I feel the misunderstanding would be resolved at that moment. With this incident the nurse was stressed and upset about her assignment. I think I could have also stated to the RN, to be aware of her body language. Facial expressions she showed at the time also could have been seen as aggressive towards the aide. Educating the RN on how aggressive delegation often results in the receiver responding passively. The receiver may feel fear, anxiety, emotional stress, and hurt. The person may not perform the way they should. This then results in the RN doing more work (Hanston & Jackson, 2009). The communication style used by the RN in this scenario showed aggressive communication.
By addressing the incident and correcting the aggressive behavior by the RN, there will be a greater impact on teamwork. The RN and the nurse’s aide will be able to work together in providing safe care to their patients they are caring for. This inevitably will also prove to show better outcomes for the patient and less stress for the RN. The patient will pick up on positive communication between the nurse and aide. The ability for the RN and aide to work together will show teamwork amongst each other.
In the next case study, nonassertive communication was used. Pamela, the school nurse had delegated to Brigite, a volunteer to follow up on hearing and vision testing of the children. When Pamela reviewed the tests she realized some of the tests were different. Instead of confronting Brigit as to why some of the tests results were different from previous results she went back and retested all the children (Hanston & Jackson, 2009). It is possible the reason Pamela did not confront Brigite about the discrepancy in the results of the test is because she...

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