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Communication Style Case Essay

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Communication Style Case Study
Zenia Y. Bradley
University of Phoneix
Kristina Almus
September 7, 2015

In this paper I will discuss three different case studies which were found the chapter reading. I will also discuss a scenario from my health care experiences. These case studies will vary in communication styles as it relates to delegating task to coworkers. Effective communication is a very important part of the delegation process. According to O’neil and Hasten (2009) the key to successful delegation is understanding, first, that delegation is an investment if time and energy that doesn’t always have immediate returns, and second that delegation is a skill which implies that it has discrete steps or components, that it requires practice to improve, and that repeated practice of it will facilitate improvement.
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This communication style leads to other issues because problems are not addressed or solved. The third is between Rosa a manager and Mable a surgical tech. In this scenario we see a manager who is being assertive having to deal with an employee who is being aggressive which is evident by her threatening the manager’s job. Being assertive is an important part of being a manager the only problem with this is that often times these individuals may display aggressive behavior when being pushed to the limit. It often a good idea to walk away and regroup in these situations.

My Scenario
I recently became the manager of a busy twenty-four bed observation unit as well as med-surg resource team. This latter of the two is probably the more difficult of the two especially since these individuals work all over the house. I can recall a disagreement between myself and another manager in regards to a complaint made by a patient. There had been issues with us before and I was a little more passive than I should have been. The conversation became a little heated and I kind of flew off the handle. I was showing some very aggressive behavior as I sit and think about it now. I didn’t give the other individual a chance to give me their side of the story as I should have. If I could do it all over again I would definitely do things a lot different. I would not have spoken to my coworker in such a manner. I would take the time to listen to all sides as well before making assumptions. I would have also taken a more assertive stance on the issues that we had before maybe then things would not have gotten to this point. Having not only a good relationship as well as good communication skills make a better healthcare team.

Hansten, R. (2009). Clinical delegation skills (4th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection Database

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