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Communication Skills In Helping Relationships Essay

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Know about helping relationships

1.1 Identify different forms of helping relationships

I would like to try and define helping relationships in order to explain the different forms if it.
“I believe that people having to deal with difficult situations and choices, worrying feelings and/or sense of having missed opportunities may feel they need someone to listen and assist them to make sense of what is going on and to see if they can make better sense of it. This could mean approaching someone who is caring, committed and wise; all signs of a good helper. This could be in the form of active listening, offering practical advice or simply offering guidance.”
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It is an activity between two persons, where one is seeking help and the other offering help through their knowledge and expertise.
● In my opinion, counselling is/should be non-judgemental. The counselee should not feel judged, as this may be one of the reasons they may have come seeking help for in the first place.
● Counselling entails communication between at least 2 individuals, leading to self-realisation/change/understanding for 1 of the individuals through help from the other. A counsellor needs to be a good listener as it is a key element to the whole process and enables to build up a comfortable relationship with the counselee.
● Confidentiality – a person should feel secure in the knowledge that the other person is not going to tell anyone of what they have disclosed, as this is clearly and explicitly contracted.

1.3 Describe how counselling is different from other helping relationships

● Non-judgemental - Helping relationships such as ones between mother & son or 2 friends can be quite judgemental, which is not the same in the case of counselling. For example, a son goes to his mother for advice about his girlfriend; the mother may be quite judgemental about his girlfriend and may have a biased opinion of her due to the fact that she knows of the girl in question and is protective of her son at the same time. This is not always a negative thing. A counsellor does not personally know his/her client and...

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